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Karen Pence

  1. please mother
    Mother Pence Reportedly Wouldn’t Kiss Her Victorious BoyA new book says the second lady rebuffed her husband’s advances twice on Election Day.
  2. marlon bundo
    Mike Pence’s Bunny Made a Lot of Money Last YearMarlon Bundo is supposedly donating his hard-earned cash to art therapy and anti–sex work organizations.
  3. hmmm
    The GOP’s Instagram About Female Political Appointees Is EmbarrassingKaren Pence and Melania Trump — not political appointees!
  4. marlon bundo
    Karen Pence and Daughter Going on Tour for Children’s Picture BookIn which Marlon Bundo follows around “Grampa” Mike Pence.
  5. the pences
    Karen Pence Says Mike Pence Loves Pizza, Riding Horses, and Drawing CartoonsShe also shared that it’s her job to keep him humble, which we already figured.
  6. mating rituals
    What Did Mike Pence Buy Mother at CVS for Valentine’s Day?The vice-president was spotted entering a CVS near the White House this afternoon.
  7. bees!!!
    Karen Pence Just Introduced 15,000 to 20,000 Bees to the VP ResidenceIn which the Second Lady installs a new beehive at home.
  8. swinging
    You Need to See Mike Pence’s Wife Dancing With Another Man While He WatchesMeanwhile, in Montana.
  9. love and war
    The Only Woman Mike Pence Is Allowed to Eat Alone With Is His WifeHe also won’t attend events serving alcohol without her.
  10. march for life
    Karen Pence Has Not Met Anyone With More ‘Compassion for Women’ Than Mike PenceThe vice-president’s wife introduced him before his speech at the March for Life.
  11. schemes
    Damn, Mike Pence’s Wife Was Extremely Prepared for His Marriage ProposalKaren Pence was so prepared that she carried a certain something around for when he actually popped the question.