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Kate Gosselin

  1. hairy situations
    Justin Bieber’s New Hair Is Making His Fans NauseousPeople are not reacting well to his new haircut.
  2. Update: Jennifer Lawrence’s New Pixie Cut Has a GIFWe love you, J.Law, but sometimes you confuse us.
  3. loose threads
    Kate Gosselin Claims She ‘De-ages’; Someone Made a Sculpture with YSL LipstickPlus, Victoria Beckham posed with Karl Lagerfeld.
  4. beauty marks
    Mary-Kate Olsen’s Brows Go Bushy; Drew Barrymore Renounces Plastic SurgeryAlso, 10 million plastic-surgery procedures were performed last year.
  5. beauty marks
    Whitney Port to Promote Acne Fighter; Miu Miu’s Orange and Purple EyesAnd ammonia-free hair dye is poised to become a popular product.
  6. hairy situations
    Kate Gosselin Took Ten Inches Off Her HairShe’s growing up before our very eyes.
  7. beauty marks
    Fuller Lips Imply Youthfulness; Marion Cotillard Wore Frizzy Curls, So Now You Can, TooAnd new findings indicate that Neanderthals wore makeup.
  8. hairy situations
    Kate Gosselin Has Hair Extensions!And she looks so happy and healed!