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  1. 25 famous women on
    25 Famous Women on PeriodsKourtney Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Padma Lakshmi, and more share their menstruation stories.
  2. new faces of things
    Kate Winslet’s Face Has Another New JobShe’s the new face of L’Oréal Paris.
  3. culture
    Ammonite’s Romance Is Duller Than a Pile of RocksThe lesbian period drama should have had more kissing and fossils.
  4. tv
    The Celebs Are Going to Tell Us to Calm DownHBO Max has a new show based on a stress-management app.
  5. investigation
    How Is a Sex Scene ‘Not Like Eating a Sandwich’?Unpacking Kate Winslet’s very confusing comment about her love scenes with Saoirse Ronan.
  6. film
    Lesbian Paleontology Period-Piece AlertStarring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan!!!
  7. plot twist
    Step Inside This Alternate Titanic UniverseImagine if Claire Danes had played Rose …
  8. bad news
    Bad News: Kate Winslet’s Husband, Ned Rocknroll, Changed His Name Back to SmithNed Rocknroll … were we ever so young?
  9. the harvey weinstein fallout
    Dylan Farrow: Why Won’t Hollywood Confront Woody Allen?Farrow has written a heart-wrenching op-ed about her adoptive father in the wake of the Weinstein scandal.
  10. oscar campaigns
    Kate Winslet Says Woody Allen Is Very in Touch With His Feminine SideOh dear.
  11. look book
    See Kate Winslet’s Best Style Moments From Titanic to NowShe loves simple, flattering gowns.
  12. alright alright alright
    Leonardo DiCaprio Almost Didn’t Play Jack in TitanicKate Winslet auditioned with another alright, alright, alright dude.
  13. stranger things
    25 Famous Women on Their Strangest HabitsAmy Poehler, Rebel Wilson, Chrissy Teigen, and more, on the weird habits they can’t shake.
  14. Kate Winslet Is the Latest Actress to Clumsily Defend Working With Woody Allen“Having thought it all through, you put it to one side and just work with the person.”
  15. identity
    25 Famous Women on Self-ExpressionErykah Badu, Madonna, Vivienne Westwood, and more on the artistic outlets they use to express themselves.
  16. mental health
    25 Famous Women on TherapyKaty Perry, Oprah, Selena Gomez, Hillary Clinton, and more on their experiences.
  17. far and wide
    25 Famous Women on the Pleasures of TravelingChrissy Teigen, Martha Stewart, Joan Didion, and more share their fondest memories.
  18. advice
    25 Famous Women on FearStories and advice from Shonda Rhimes, Stevie Nicks, Jenna Lyons, and more.
  19. love and war
    25 Famous Women on BullyingLeslie Jones, Hillary Clinton, Tyra Banks, and more on rising above their haters.
  20. hairy situations
    25 Famous Women on Waxing and ShavingHow Rihanna, Emma Watson, Eva Longoria, and more deal with body hair.
  21. ambition
    25 Famous Women on Impostor Syndrome and Self-DoubtNatalie Portman, Lupita Nyong’o, Tavi Gevinson, and more on how they’ve learned to use it for success.
  22. swellness
    25 Famous Women on Breakfast and BrunchHow Chrissy Teigen, Simone Biles, Ina Garten, and more women start the day.
  23. fashion on film
    See the Bombshell 1950s Costumes of Kate Winslet’s The DressmakerThe designers explain their favorite looks from the film.
  24. revenge is sweet
    Kate Winslet: Looking Fabulous Is the Best RevengeKate Winslet is well-dressed in The Dressmaker — and in real life.
  25. body positivity
    25 Famous Women on Body ImageBody positivity from Serena Williams, Meryl Streep, Adele, and more.
  26. on the red carpet
    Red Lips Won at the BAFTAsIt was the color seen on nearly everyone.
  27. moms
    Kate Winslet Daughter Crushing on Liam HemsworthUgh, Mom, how could you!
  28. Kate Winslet Scheduled a Post-Globes Massage Thinking she wouldn’t win, Kate Winslet scheduled a massage for directly after the Golden Globes. Guess she had to cancel that one.
  29. heroes
    Kate Winslet’s Contract States L’Oréal Can’t Retouch Her Photos“We’re all responsible for raising strong young women, so these are things that are important to me.”
  30. earnings report
    Kate Winslet Earns Her Birthdays, Thank You Very MuchAnd you can, too! 
  31. pretty hurts
    30 Famous Women on Overcoming Their InsecuritiesBeyoncé, Barbra Streisand, and so many more. 
  32. praise
    For the Love of MileyShailene Woodley is the latest girl-on-girl crime-stopper.
  33. it’s vintage
    From Beads to Plastic: 50 Celebrities in ChokersFrom Beyoncé to Princess Diana.
  34. fashion books
    ScarJo, Dunst, & More: Glorious Fashion Photos From the Last DecadeA new book celebrates Alexi Lubomirski’s fashion photography.
  35. hauntings
    Kate Winslet Is Still Haunted by Her Nude Titanic PortraitNever let Leo draw you like one of his French girls.
  36. ‘do or don’t of the day
    ’Do or Don’t of the Day: Kate Winslet’s Piece-y UpdoWispy. 
  37. celebrity baby names
    Kate Winslet Explains Why She Named Her Kid Bear BlazeOh. NOW we get it.
  38. Kate Winslet Doesn’t Know Why We Care About Her Personal Life“I’m really sorry to the nation’s press that I fell in love and got pregnant; I do apologize if you deem that irresponsible.”
  39. Kate Winslet Named Her Son BearA baby bear.
  40. celebrity parenting
    Kate Winslet Versus the Men’s Rights ActivistsFathers4Justice say she’s shutting her ex-husband out of their children’s lives. He disagrees.
  41. celebrity babies
    Kate Winslet Just Had a Baby BoyYoung master Winslet-Rocknroll.
  42. Kate Winslet Got in a Fight With Mario Testino on the Vogue Set“Actually, Mario, do you even know how to take a fackin’ photograph?”
  43. look of the day
    Kate Winslet Looked Regal in Jenny PackhamA crimson tidal wave.
  44. babies
    Today’s Pregnancy Announcements: Kate Winslet, Jennifer Love HewittBut not Beyoncé.
  45. faces of things
    Watch Kate Winslet Slow Blink in New Lancôme AdHer cheekbones are looking pretty good, too.
  46. heaving bosoms
    Twenty-Five Period Dramas That Make Us Want to Wear CorsetsThey call them bodice-rippers for a reason.
  47. scantily clad hotties
    Kate Winslet on Her Nude Scenes in Titanic 3-D: ‘I’m Not Going to Look’“I’ll be in the bar by that point or on the floor.”
  48. look of the day
    Kate Winslet Gave London the Bold ShoulderSparkles!
  49. beauty marks
    Miley Cyrus May Have Gotten a Boob Job; Matthew McConaughey Shaved His HeadPlus, three fragrances launched per day in 2011.
  50. loose threads
    The Kardashians Face More Knockoff Accusations; Lindsey Wixson Lands Another CoverAnd Chanel launched a website for kids.
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