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We here at the Cut already love a little competition. Adrenaline and ambition, too. It’s no secret that female athletes, college and professional, continue to make gains in pay and TV-airtime equity, shatter records, and break into once male-dominated sports. So what better time to be a fan of women in sports than right now as part of this community? We hope you’ll find something here that makes you want to play, cheer, or assume control of your favorite sports bar’s TVs.


Caitlin Clark Does It Again

The University of Iowa star is now the highest-scoring player in NCAA history.

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  1. sports
    Being First Is Not New for Chloe KimThe Olympic snowboarder talks sudden fame, managing mental health, and setting an example for the next generation.
  2. the bigger picture
    Fighting for RecognitionEnter the ring with the trainers of OutBox, a trans-owned and -operated boxing gym in Williamsburg.
  3. sports
    Cold Feet
    This Woman Wants You to FreezeA professional ice-bath coach says plunging into 50-degree water could change your life.
  4. self
    The Peloton Instructor Healing Her Relationship to Exercise“Athleticism looks different on everybody and every body,” says Camila Mariana Ramón.
  5. sports
    The Mansplaining Epidemic Rages OnGolf pro Georgia Ball is going viral for a clip in which some random guy tells her how to hit a ball.
  6. sports
    WTA 1000 - Dubai Tennis Championships
    Coco Gauff’s Umpire Argument ‘Fueled’ Her Win“It definitely gave me some adrenaline,” she said of the dispute.
  7. sports
    A Non-driver Walks Into DaytonaMy weekend with the Iron Dames, the only all-female endurance-racing team in the world championship.
  8. the bigger picture
    The Palestinian Belly Dancer Keeping Her Culture AliveChoreographer Janelle Jalila Issis encourages her students to embrace their bodies.
  9. sports
    A Master in FitStylist Courtney Mays, who works with female athletes including WNBA legend Sue Bird, dresses (and celebrates) a range of bodies.
  10. culture
    Put All the Pop Stars on SkatesMore celebrities should make like Usher and master the art.
  11. sports
    Caitlin Clark Made History Last NightThe Iowa Hawkeyes point guard is now the all-time leading scorer in women’s college basketball.
  12. first person
    My Dad, the Mets, and MeFor years, my relationship with my father was centered around us both cheering for, and mourning over, the losing team. What if we’d already won?
  13. celebrity
    Kali Reis Wants You to Come CorrectHow the True Detective actress went from the boxing ring to co-starring with Jodie Foster.
  14. scene report
    Backstage at the Balletcore RecitalChoreographer Angela Trimbur auditioned dozens of adult amateurs for her dance recital. Everyone made it.
  15. relationships
    What Does the Postseason Look Like for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?Now that our collective honeymoon phase is over, what now?
  16. in her shoes podcast
    Jamila Wideman’s Dream Didn’t Stop at the WNBA“One of the silver linings of being a woman athlete is that I had a mind toward what I wanted to do when I was done playing.”
  17. sports
    Guess Who Kim Kardashian Was Rooting For at the Super BowlDoesn’t sound like she’s on Taylor’s team.
  18. celebrity
    Lana Del Rey Showed Up to the Super Bowl in a 49ers JacketShe took it off before joining Taylor in her box, obviously.
  19. sports
    What’s Going On With Brittany and Jackson Mahomes?After an awkward incident earlier in the weekend, they sat next to each other for the Super Bowl.
  20. sports
    The Trans Skaters of America’s Growing Queer Skate SceneSkateboarding has long had a reputation as a close-knit boys’ club. These athletes are breaking the mold.
  21. sports!
    We All Know Who Really Won the Super BowlTaylor Swift and Travis Kelce couldn’t have had a better night.
  22. career
    How the President of the Las Vegas Raiders Gets It DoneSandra Douglass Morgan hosted thousands of football fans (and Taylor Swift!) for the 2024 Super Bowl.
  23. commercials
    The Best Super Bowl CommercialsAubrey Plaza riding a dragon, babies playing pickleball, and Beyoncé dropping new music.
  24. sports!
    Just Another Sunday Night for Blue IvyShe made an appearance on the Super Bowl sidelines with her little sister, Rumi.
  25. sports!
    No One Did More in Vegas Than UsherThe halftime performer took his shirt off, Rollerbladed, and … got married?
  26. sports!
    Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday (Swifties’ Version)The 49ers are playing Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend and her fans are celebrating accordingly. (With friendship bracelets and “Gaylor Guac.”)
  27. sports
    Everything You Need to Know About the Super BowlWho is playing? How do you watch? Will Taylor Swift be there? We’ve got you.
  28. super bowl 2024
    Prince Harry Helped Kick Off Super Bowl WeekendOn the heels of a busy week, he made a surprise appearance at the NFL Honors in Vegas.
  29. super bowl 2024
    Where Will Donna Kelce Sit at the Super Bowl?Will she be in the stands with the people? Or up in a box with Taylor Swift? Even she doesn’t know.
  30. music
    Meet the Hype Woman Behind the WNBA’s Atlanta DreamDJ Shalé spins to get the girls going.
  31. celebrity
    Kim Might Actually Have Her Own Football GuyThings with Odell Beckham Jr. are reportedly getting “serious.”
  32. super bowl 2024
    I’m Only Watching the Super Bowl for Jason KelceWith all due respect to Travis and Taylor, I’d rather watch the other Kelce in the box.
  33. career
    How Naomi Osaka Keeps All Her Balls in the AirA new baby, several business ventures, and a much-anticipated return to tennis — how the star athlete gets it done.
  34. sports
    So You Want to Get Into Women’s SportsA few tips from people whose jobs are getting folks hyped about women’s sports.
  35. health
    Why Is Tearing Your ACL So Devastating?Everything you need to know about the little ligament that can spell big trouble for athletes.
  36. outdoors
    Blazed TrailsFor thru-hikers, climate change is posing new, treacherous risks out in the wild. Not that that’s stopping them.
  37. formula 1
    Jamie Chadwick Takes First Place Every TimeShe is trying to change F1 for women. If only more people let her.
  38. keep it moving
    Kamila Valieva Receives 4-Year Ban After Olympic Doping ScandalThe Russian figure skater will be stripped of any titles, awards, and prizes earned after her positive sample was collected, including Olympic medals.
  39. keep it moving
    Sports Documentaries Are the DramaIf you don’t consider yourself a sports fan, here are 11 documentaries that might change your mind.
  40. sports!
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Gave Us a Little On-Field KissSeveral, actually.
  41. keep it moving
    Dressing the WNBA’s Power CoupleHow WNBA’s Connecticut Sun forwards DeWanna Bonner and Alyssa Thomas left matching in the ’90s.
  42. we tried this
    Athleta’s Alicia Keys Collection on 5 Different BodiesWe put it to the test during workouts.
  43. work
    How 5 Athletes Afford to Stay in the Game and Still Make Rent“Time is money, and once you run out of money, you run out of time to play and compete.”
  44. keep it moving
    The Girls Shredding the BronxHitting the pavement with the founders and members of Bronx Girls Skate at Playground 134.
  45. keep it moving
    This 99-Year-Old Swimmer Just Broke 3 World RecordsBetty Brussel didn’t enter her first swim competition until she was in her 60s.
  46. recommendations
    An Ode to Hard KnocksI love watching my football boys … as long as they’re not actually playing football.
  47. celebrity
    Why Were Two Furries Sitting Courtside With Tyra Banks?An NBA mystery.
  48. keep it moving
    Synchronized Swimming Is for the Mermaid GirlsA deep dive into the most gorgeously strange sport at the Olympic Games.
  49. 25 famous women on
    25 Famous Women Athletes on Their SuperstitionsSerena Williams, Eileen Gu, Naomi Osaka, and more share the rituals that get them ready for competition.
  50. first person
    A Sea ChangeTransforming — and healing — my relationship to my body, one open-water swim at a time.
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