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We here at the Cut already love a little competition. Adrenaline and ambition, too. It’s no secret that female athletes, college and professional, continue to make gains in pay and TV-airtime equity, shatter records, and break into once male-dominated sports. So what better time to be a fan of women in sports than right now as part of this community? We hope you’ll find something here that makes you want to play, cheer, or assume control of your favorite sports bar’s TVs.


For Sue Bird, the WNBA Has Always Been Cool

The retired superstar’s latest venture is a documentary celebrating her legacy in the league.

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  1. sports
    The San Francisco Giants’ Resident DJ Keeps It ‘Fully Bay Area’When she was offered her first gig, DJ Umami didn’t want to take it. Now, she’s resident DJ for the San Francisco Giants.
  2. sports
    LSU v Iowa
    L.A. Times Writer Is Sorry for Calling LSU ‘Dirty Debutantes’The newspaper says the sexist and racist column about the women’s basketball team didn’t meet its editorial standards.
  3. sports
    LSU v Iowa
    Everything You Need to Know About Caitlin ClarkThe bandwagon is about to leave; it’s time to become a fan.
  4. sports
    What’s With All the Singles Ski Trips?Between chairlift speed dates and boozy après brunches, romance is blossoming on the slopes.
  5. sports
    Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese’s Rematch Is Must-Watch TVIowa vs. LSU is the biggest matchup of the NCAA women’s basketball tournament.
  6. music
    DJ Esther Anaya Brings Classical-Music Training to the L.A. Chargers“I had SoFi Stadium on my vision board for years,” says the resident DJ.
  7. the bigger picture
    “No Brands Attached. 100 Percent Grassroots. No Charge.”Girls Run NYC isn’t just a running club. For many of its members, it’s a support group.
  8. Running SucksOne running skeptic gets the answers to her burning questions about marathons.
  9. sports
    The NBA’s DJ Shawna Spins to Make People Happy“This is about adding value to the players’ days, but it’s also for everybody that is walking through those doors as a fan.”
  10. sports
    Gonzaga v Utah
    Utah Women’s Basketball Team Had to Move Hotels Over Safety ConcernsCoach Lynne Roberts said the team experienced several “racial hate crimes” while staying in Idaho for the NCAA tournament.
  11. the bigger picture
    The Wrestling Legend Bringing Joshi to AmericaWith Sukeban, Bull Nakano wants to take women’s pro wrestling “to the top of the world.”
  12. first person
    I Was the Only Girl on My School’s Wrestling TeamWhat I learned from my matches with the boys.
  13. sports
    There’s No Better Time to Get Into Women’s GolfA complete guide to the most exciting sport you may not be watching … yet.
  14. keep it moving
    How Stylist Kesha McLeod Works With Serena Williams“Just give me a start to your imagination, and I can build it into a motion picture.”
  15. how i get it done
    What You Missed at the Cut’s SXSW Film Festival PanelChloe Kim, Dina Asher-Smith, and Haley Rosen discuss the joys and hardships that come with being a female athlete.
  16. breakout
    Sunny Choi Brings Break-dancing to the Olympics“I always knew I wanted to be able to be free, to let go of everything and just be there: me, floor, music.”
  17. celebrity
    MLBPA x Fanatics "Players Party"
    Is Travis Kelce Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader?The NFL star is reportedly in talks to host a reboot of the game show in which adults answer questions meant for 10-year-olds.
  18. self
    How to Use Your Body As a WeaponWhy self-defense instructor Eve Torres Gracie wants more women to learn Brazilian jujitsu.
  19. keeping up with the kardashians
    Who Asked for This Cursed Kardashians Spinoff?Caitlyn Jenner and Lamar Odom are launching a podcast called Keeping Up With Sports.
  20. paris olympics
    Chaumet Paris 2024 Olympic Medals Unveiled
    Athletes Can Bone in the Olympic Village AgainSome 300,000 condoms are going to be available in Paris for the world’s top athletes.
  21. sports
    A Cheat Sheet for the World Figure Skating ChampionshipsFrom wacky costumes to quadruple jumps, here’s what to watch for at the biggest ice-skating competition of the year.
  22. career
    How Boston Marathon Winner Des Linden Stays Race ReadySlow mornings, her dogs, and evening puzzles help get the two-time Olympian through her training miles.
  23. sports
    The Celebrities Fighting for Gender Equity in SportsWhy famous women are investing in female athletes.
  24. sports
    Los Angeles Dodgers v Texas Rangers
    Is This Shohei Ohtani’s Wife Reveal?Two weeks after the baseball star announced he’d gotten married, he posted a photo of himself standing with Japanese basketball player Mamiko Tanaka.
  25. the bigger picture
    Come for the Game, Stay for the Knicks City DancersThese nine women never have a bad season.
  26. keep it moving
    The Sports Stylist Playing With PersonalitySydney Bordonaro is putting together some of the most memorable tunnel looks in the game.
  27. women’s basketball
    LSU v South Carolina
    A Fight Broke Out at the SEC Women’s Basketball FinalAs South Carolina faced off against LSU, several players were ejected from the game with minutes to go.
  28. career
    The Coach Who Made a Women’s Gymnastics Dynasty in OklahomaThe university has won six national championships under KJ Kindler.
  29. sports
    Meet the Dancers Keeping It Old-School in the WNBA“We don’t need to worry about getting older. We can still be hot and sexy and expressive, playful, and fun.”
  30. culture
    Megan Thee Stallion Is the Trainer We Wish We HadThe Hot Girl Coach Is the star of a new Nike ad.
  31. sports
    Ohio State v Iowa
    Caitlin Clark Does It AgainThe University of Iowa star is now the highest-scoring player in NCAA history.
  32. sports
    Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers
    Shohei Ohtani Has a Mysterious New WifeThe baseball player announced that he is now married to a “normal Japanese woman.”
  33. sports
    Michigan v Iowa
    Caitlin Clark Is Going ProJust ahead of March Madness, the Iowa phenom declared for the 2024 WNBA draft.
  34. rules to live by
    Sportscaster Monica McNutt Always Shows Up As Herself“I was clear early on that my short hair, nail polish, lipstick — that’s how I’m going to show up and if it doesn’t work out, it’s not worth it.”
  35. sports
    Being First Is Not New for Chloe KimThe Olympic snowboarder talks sudden fame, managing mental health, and setting an example for the next generation.
  36. the bigger picture
    Fighting for RecognitionEnter the ring with the trainers of OutBox, a trans-owned and -operated boxing gym in Williamsburg.
  37. sports
    Cold Feet
    This Woman Wants You to FreezeA professional ice-bath coach says plunging into 50-degree water could change your life.
  38. self
    The Peloton Instructor Healing Her Relationship to Exercise“Athleticism looks different on everybody and every body,” says Camila Mariana Ramón.
  39. sports
    The Mansplaining Epidemic Rages OnGolf pro Georgia Ball is going viral for a clip in which some random guy tells her how to hit a ball.
  40. sports
    WTA 1000 - Dubai Tennis Championships
    Coco Gauff’s Umpire Argument ‘Fueled’ Her Win“It definitely gave me some adrenaline,” she said of the dispute.
  41. sports
    A Non-driver Walks Into DaytonaMy weekend with the Iron Dames, the only all-female endurance-racing team in the world championship.
  42. the bigger picture
    The Palestinian Belly Dancer Keeping Her Culture AliveChoreographer Janelle Jalila Issis encourages her students to embrace their bodies.
  43. sports
    A Master in FitStylist Courtney Mays, who works with female athletes including WNBA legend Sue Bird, dresses (and celebrates) a range of bodies.
  44. culture
    Put All the Pop Stars on SkatesMore celebrities should make like Usher and master the art.
  45. sports
    Caitlin Clark Made History Last NightThe Iowa Hawkeyes point guard is now the all-time leading scorer in women’s college basketball.
  46. first person
    My Dad, the Mets, and MeFor years, my relationship with my father was centered around us both cheering for, and mourning over, the losing team. What if we’d already won?
  47. celebrity
    Kali Reis Wants You to Come CorrectHow the True Detective actress went from the boxing ring to co-starring with Jodie Foster.
  48. scene report
    Backstage at the Balletcore RecitalChoreographer Angela Trimbur auditioned dozens of adult amateurs for her dance recital. Everyone made it.
  49. relationships
    What Does the Postseason Look Like for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?Now that our collective honeymoon phase is over, what now?
  50. in her shoes podcast
    Jamila Wideman’s Dream Didn’t Stop at the WNBA“One of the silver linings of being a woman athlete is that I had a mind toward what I wanted to do when I was done playing.”
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