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Keeping Up With The Kimye

  1. let’s makeup
    Even Kim Kardashian Isn’t Immune to Millennial PinkSee pictures of her new Lip Kits.
  2. keeping up with the kardashians
    Kim Kardashian Didn’t Wear Any Makeup to BalenciagaJust moisturizer.
  3. Kanye West Gave Paparazzi Free Yeezy Sneakers‘Tis the season to be Yeezy.
  4. keeping up with the kimye
    Kanye Is So Extra on Mother’s DayWrap it up and call it a day. We’re done here.
  5. bronde ambition
    18,000 Instagram Comments on Kim Kardashian’s New BlondeIf Instagram is any indication, blondes do not have more fun. 
  6. ridiculous wedding rankings 2014
    Poppy Delevingne Versus Kimye: A Rigorous Ranking of Simultaneous Power WeddingsPlace your bets now. 
  7. keeping up with the kimye
    Jennifer Aniston’s Hairstylist to Style Kim Kardashian’s Wedding HairWill he create the Kimye?
  8. keeping up with the kimye
    Kim Kardashian Got a $550 Vegan Stem Cell FacialA klear komplexion.
  9. 8 Things We Learned About Being North WestThe Vogue cover story reveals it’s weird out there for a celebrity baby.
  10. keeping up with north west
    More Proof That Kim and Kanye Kreated KutenessShocking new photo evidence reveals baby North is not wearing Givenchy.
  11. keeping up with the kimye
    Kim and Kourtney Go Skiing in UtahAlong with a “figure thought to be Kanye West.”
  12. crimes against hermes
    Kanye Gave Kim Kuestionable Birkin for KhristmasIt sounds highbrow on paper?
  13. keeping up with the kimye
    Kanye Kommissions ‘Warhol’ Portrait of KimBy Andy’s Kousin.