Keeping Up With the Royals

Whether you’re a devoted royalist or staunchly anti-monarchy, you’ve got to admit it: For a centuries-old institution, the House of Windsor sure knows how to keep people talking.

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Big Willy Hits the City

He came, he saw, he waded.

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  1. Harry and Meghan Are Not Getting Divorced and They Want You to Know All About ItA close read of the Montecito residents’ PR strategy against the headlines.
  2. Is Meghan Markle Back on Instagram?The handle @meghan is rapidly accruing followers but following no one.
  3. What’s This About a Montecito Mafia?And who on earth is in it?
  4. Sarah Ferguson Underwent Breast-Cancer SurgeryThe Duchess of York was diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer during a routine mammogram.
  5. The Biggest Bombshells From Prince Harry’s Phone-Hacking Trial“Even those I trusted the most, I ended up doubting.”
  6. Could Prince Harry Be Facing Some Visa Trouble?Following his descriptions of drug use in Spare, a conservative think tank is demanding the U.S. government unseal his visa application.
  7. The ‘Daily Mirror’ and Prince Harry Agree on One ThingAccording to the tabloid, royals really do leak stories to the press.
  8. A Dress Fit for a QueenA conversation with Bruce Oldfield, the British fashion designer behind Queen Camilla’s coronation gown.
  9. The Most Side-Eye Moments From the CoronationBlood feuds, big snubs, and boredom as King Charles III is crowned.
  10. The Headwear of the Coronation, RankedCrowns, tiaras, and fascinators galore.
  11. Let Prince Louis YawnPrince Louis was reportedly whisked out of the coronation for being relatable.
  12. All the Looks From King Charles III’s CoronationRobes, crowns, and Katy Perry.
  13. Introducing Queen CamillaCharles wasn’t the only one getting crowned on Saturday.
  14. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the CoronationWinnie-the-Pooh has RSVP’d “yes.”
  15. King Charles Is Way Weirder Than You Realize21 fun facts about Britain’s strange new monarch.
  16. What Everyone Will Be Wearing at King Charles III’s CoronationRobes, gorgeous robes.
  17. It’s Going to Be a Lukewarm CoronationGod save the king’s big day.
  18. The Juiciest Coronation Drama Has Nothing to Do With Meghan and HarryHave you heard of the Marchioness of Cholmondeley?
  19. Just How Awkward Could the Coronation Be for Prince Harry?Sounds as if many of the senior royals have no plans to speak to him past the basic hellos.
  20. Prince Louis Dons the Family UniformWith a knee-baring twist.
  21. The Crown’s Hot Prince William Just DroppedHello!
  22. Is Meghan Markle Getting Back Into Blogging?The Tig rides again, maybe …
  23. Sounds Like King Charles Is Evicting Harry and MeghanIn favor of Prince Andrew?!
  24. Does Prince Harry Have Any Revelations Left to Share?He opened up about his favorite sandwich.
  25. Nobody Wants to Perform at King Charles’s Big PartyAdele, Harry Styles, Elton John, and the Spice Girls have all reportedly declined invitations to play at the Coronation Concert.
  26. Is This King Charles’s Getting-Ready Playlist?Selections include Michael Bublé and “Daddy Cool.”
  27. Could the Spice Girls Get Harry to the Coronation?Sources are saying the palace is “super keen” to get “Britain’s biggest girl band” involved.
  28. Has Prince Andrew’s Teddy-Bear Collection Been Confiscated?His Buckingham Palace apartment has reportedly been revoked, and with it, his dozens of stuffed toys.
  29. Another Royal Baby Is ForthcomingBy our count, they will be 13th in line to the throne.
  30. Prince Harry Is Upset About the Wrong ThingHis memoir reveals the limits of his rebellion against a violent and racist institution.
  31. Prince Harry’s Open BookWith its relentless candor, Spare reveals more than the author may have intended.
  32. King Charles and Prince William Are Staying Quiet, for NowCould Harry and Meghan be stripped of their titles?
  33. A Guide to the Very British Nicknames in SparePrince Harry really loves a nickname.
  34. Prince Harry Has More to Say About His ‘Todger’Somehow we are still getting new details about the time he got penile frostbite in the North Pole.
  35. The Most Surprising Leaks From Prince Harry’s MemoirMeghan Markle apparently thought Prince Andrew was the queen’s assistant.
  36. Prince Harry Has a Lot More to Say About the Royal FamilyIn new interviews, Harry claimed that Camilla leaked stories about him and Prince William to the press.
  37. Prince William Spent the Weekend at … His Ex’s Wedding?As one does during a stressful holiday season.
  38. Former Royal Staffer Apologizes for Racist CommentsNgozi Fulani says she’s been attacked online since sharing her experience.
  39. The Royals Are Releasing a TV Special of Their OwnA Christmas special, featuring Craig David.
  40. Harry & Meghan’s Royal ContradictionWhen you release a six-hour, behind-the-scenes look at your life, it’s harder to argue that you wish the media would leave you alone.
  41. Everything We Learned From Harry & MeghanTakeaways from their highly anticipated Netflix docuseries.
  42. Of Course Harry and Meghan Have Matching Penguin SuitsOur king and queen of corniness.
  43. Meghan and Harry’s Docuseries Certainly Looks TenseThey are ready to tell all … again.
  44. Will and Kate’s Big Night Out (in Boston)The Prince and Princess of Wales received mixed reviews at a Celtics game on Wednesday.
  45. How Does Boston Like Will and Kate?The royals received a mixed response at Wednesday night’s Celtics game.
  46. Let’s Talk About That Other Royal Scandal in The CrownWhat’s this about Prince Andrew’s ex-wife’s toes?
  47. The Queen Loved Her Big Singing BassOne thing The Crown got right.
  48. The Crown’s Prince Charles Has Never Looked BetterThe drama’s fifth season goes out of its way to humanize the new monarch — starting with Tampongate.
  49. King Charles Never Leaves Home Without His Toilet Seat (Allegedly)According to a royal biographer, it’s one of many weird objects he likes to keep on-hand.
  50. Prince Harry Is Going Full-Speed Ahead on His MemoirRandom House announced the title and a release date.
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