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Kelly Clarkson

  1. divorce
    We’re Ready for Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce AlbumChemistry will cover “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”
  2. obsessions
    I Can’t Shut Up About The Kelly Clarkson ShowWhere else can you see Anne Hathaway sing “Since U Been Gone”?
  3. body image
    Kelly Clarkson Says She Was Suicidal When She Was ‘Really Skinny’“But, no one cared, because aesthetically you make sense.”
  4. motherhood
    Kelly Clarkson Has Been Pretty Proactive About Never Getting Pregnant AgainHer husband is in on the pact, too.
  5. anthems
    Michelle Obama Drops Fire New TrackSasha and Malia will be so excited.
  6. our casual dysmorphia
    Kelly Clarkson Talks Future Baby WeightWhatever, everyone’s a jerk anyways.
  7. Adele Told Kelly Clarkson Not to Have a Baby“Girl, don’t have a baby.”
  8. words
    Kelly Clarkson, You Probably Are a FeministClarkson announces feminist is “too strong” of a descriptor for her.
  9. jewel drama
    Kelly Clarkson Might Not Get Jane Austen’s RingThanks to the intervention of a mystery donor.
  10. beauty marks
    Joan Rivers Had 739 Surgeries; Cabs Sell MakeupPlus, a new organization gives makeovers to seniors.
  11. photoshopped
    In Defense of Photoshop: Why Retouching Isn’t As Evil As Everyone ThinksArtificial as these images are, they’re actually not artificial enough.
  12. fashion yearbook
    We Have a Theory About the Torture Device in Rihanna’s AMA PerformanceReview what she, Jennifer Lopez, Adam Lambert, and more wore in our AMAs Fashion Yearbook.
  13. self-improvement
    Self’s Ad Pages Bolstered by Wal-MartNext year is looking up!
  14. fashion yearbook
    Miley Cyrus Wins the Short-Skirt Contest at Divas LiveBut what else is new?
  15. photoshopped
    Self Editor Continues to Make a Poor Case for Slimming Kelly ClarksonApparently Photoshopping twenty pounds off of her constitutes Kelly’s “personal best.”
  16. photoshopped
    Self Editor: Photoshopping Is Like Deleting Bad Vacation PhotosWhich is not true at all.