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  1. are u coming?
    You’re a Star on thecobrasnake.com!“It feels like 2007 again.”
  2. are u coming?
    Susanne Bartsch Still Likes to FlirtShe has a new night at midtown’s most mega of new megaclubs.
  3. are u coming?
    Peak Fashion Week With Leah McSweeney and Kelly CutroneThings did get a little bit Real Housewives. But no tiki torches were thrown.
  4. nyfw fall 2018
    There’s Going to Be a #MeToo Inspired Voodoo-Themed Show During NYFWOrganized by Kelly Cutrone.
  5. sexual assault
    Why I Finally Came Forward About Russell Simmons#NotMe is too dangerous to ignore.
  6. another sexual harassment story
    Fashion Publicist Kelly Cutrone Says Russell Simmons ‘Tried to Rape’ HerShe told the Post: “The #NotMe thing? I’m going to do a #YeahYou. F–k you.”
  7. Kelly Cutrone: Fashion People Couldn’t Care Less About KanyeIn fact, “No one gives a flying f—.”
  8. galliano
    What Galliano Really Wore Instead of ‘Hasidic Garb’Brooks Brothers, Yohji Yamamoto, and Dolce & Gabbana.
  9. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: The Sexiness MatrixIn which the girls ride horses and embrace enormous perfume bottles.
  10. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: Chasing WaterfallsIn which dolphins hate Leila and Kristin hates everything.
  11. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: Handcuffs and Go-SeesIn which the girls run around Los Angeles and wind up in jail.
  12. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: Cockroaches, Pizza, and ToiletsA “method modeling” challenge has the girls licking floors, chugging milk, and pretending to vomit.
  13. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: Fistfights and a Stolen LighterIn which the girls smize their way through a zombie-themed photo shoot.
  14. wanna be on top
    Count the Photoshop Blunders in This Terrible New Top Model AdOne, two, three … keep going.
  15. wanna be on top
    The Cast of Top Model Is So Happy TogetherReally! Promise!
  16. loose threads
    Advanced Style’s Movie; Lane Crawford and J.CrewPlus, Cindy Crawford covers S Moda in Alexander Wang.
  17. wanna be on top
    You Are the Fourth Top Model Judge, Not BryanboyIt appears that he’s doing crowd control for the social media fans.
  18. loose threads
    St. John for Sale; Vogue Tackles GirlsPlus, Milla Jovovich as Marilyn Monroe.
  19. loose threads
    Brooklyn Industries Has Jungle Fever; Adriana Lima Cha-ChasAnd Lara Stone covers Vogue Netherlands.
  20. wanna be on top
    Video: See Top Model Hopefuls Tremble in Front of Kelly CutroneAnd rightfully so.
  21. wanna be on top
    Video: See Top Model Hopefuls Eating HaggisModels eat, don’t enjoy it at all.
  22. wanna be on top
    Top Model Hopefuls Dressed As MObama, ThatcherThere’s also a Scary Spice, Pocahontas, and Princess Di.
  23. wanna be on top
    Top Model Contestants Now Haunt Kelly Cutrone’s Dreams“I need to charge more money next season because I thought judging would end when I went home. I didn’t realize that they’d be infiltrating my sleep.”
  24. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Joe Jonas Gets Mobbed at Jeremy ScottIt turns out that people are crazy for the Jonii.
  25. comebacks
    Whitney Port to Mount Her First Solo Fashion Show in New York This SeasonYes, Whitney Eve is apparently going strong.
  26. inner city life
    Allie Crandell Can’t Model for Revolve Until She’s a ‘Healthier Size’The website is concerned about her weight.
  27. ins and outs
    There Is Life (and Work!) After Kelly CutronePeople’s Revolution cast-off Andrew Mukamal is now working at ‘Seventeen.’
  28. when kell freezes over
    Kelly Cutrone Will Be a Correspondent on Dr. PhilSo that’s probably what the “daytime regular big thing” she’s been talking about is.
  29. loose threads
    Bill Clinton Wore a Pink Tie to Evelyn Lauder’s Breast Cancer Luncheon; Vogue’s Meredith Melling Burke Moves to Vogue.comAlso, Heidi Klum is a robot superhero for Halloween.
  30. party lines
    Kelly Cutrone Has a New MTV Show and Syndicated Daytime Show in the WorksWill she finally become the next Oprah?
  31. loose threads
    Cynthia Rowley, Joe Zee, and Rachel Zoe Will Be on ‘Gossip Girl’ Next Week; Judith Leiber Is Making Bridal HandbagsAlso, Chinese tourists spend about $700 an hour while shopping in Paris.
  32. beauty marks
    Kelly Cutrone’s Long and Storied Hair History; Justin Bieber’s Proactiv EndorsementAlso, Sephora decides to press charges against Caroline Giuliani.
  33. loose threads
    Lady Gaga May Land a Tea Deal; Kelly Cutrone Doesn’t Want Her Book in the ’Self-Help’ SectionAlso, Stella McCartney may put Buckingham Palace guards in ‘faux’-fur hats.
  34. loose threads
    Carine Roitfeld and Alber Elbaz Choose Hakaan for ANDAM Prize; Lara Stone Obsessed With CupcakesAlso, Vivenne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier are working on ‘Snow White and the Seven Designers.’
  35. when kell freezes over
    Kelly Cutrone: ‘Fashion Luxury, Forget It. It’s Over.’She also had the audacity to say magazines are kind of over and “everything is on the Internet.”
  36. party lines
    Rachel Zoe Does Not Have Time to Watch Kell on EarthShe’s been too busy designing ‘faux’ chinchilla pieces for her QVC collection.
  37. loose threads
    Oscar de la Renta to Live-Stream His Resort Show Today; Linda Evangelista Lands Talbots CampaignAlso, Annie Leibovitz is bargain hunting.
  38. loose threads
    Bloomingdale’s and Gap Caught in Used-Panties Scandal; Cate Blanchett’s New CoverAlso, Aquascutum has a new creative director.
  39. when kell freezes over
    Video: Kelly ‘Not Pam Anderson’ Cutrone Discusses Killing Mice in New Internet Talk Show“The only way I haven’t been able to kill them is manually.”
  40. quotables
    Kelly Cutrone Does Not Take ‘LOL’ LightlyShe has more advice for aspiring interns.
  41. inner city life
    The City Recap: Whitney Works Hard, Olivia Hardly WorksOur recap of the season premiere lies within.
  42. inner city life
    Q&A: Whitney Port on Olivia Palermo’s Journalistic Integrity, the New Season of The City, and More!Season two starts TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
  43. loose threads
    Tara Subkoff Discusses Brain Tumor; Erin Wasson Wants to Style BritneyAlso, check out the models in H&M’s new bathing suit ads.
  44. beauty marks
    François Nars’s Dog Is the New Face of Nars; Agyness Deyn Has a Crew CutAlso, a bribery scandal brews at Avon.
  45. when kell freezes over
    Kelly Cutrone Says Her 31-Year-Old Employees Make a Couple Hundred Thousand a YearYou can’t judge everyone by their office.
  46. when kell freezes over
    Video: Inside Kelly and Ava Cutrone’s Palatial ClosetsApparently clothes are the things that make Kelly Cutrone go soft.
  47. loose threads
    Richemont Now Owns Net-a-Porter; Clogs ProliferateAlso, see Abbey Lee Kershaw’s latest cover.
  48. when kell freezes over
    Bravo Undecided on a Second Season of Kell on Earth, But Kelly Doesn’t Need Them AnywayShe has other new TV projects in the works.
  49. when kell freezes over
    Kell on Earth Recap: Kelly Turns 44 and Cries IndoorsOn the season finale, Kelly got mushy. Our recap of last night’s episode includes some less mushy moments, too.
  50. inner city life
    Olivia Palermo Becomes a ‘Reporter’ and Whitney Port Becomes a ‘Young Designer’ on the New Season of The City!Also, Whitney wears a really embarrassing jumpsuit!
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