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  1. when kell freezes over
    Kell on Earth Recap: The Final Downfall of Andrew S.Recall his frustrations in our recap of last night’s episode.
  2. when kell freezes over
    Kell on Earth Recap: Skinner Cries … But Not OutsideRelive last night’s episode of ‘Kell on Earth.’
  3. when kell freezes over
    Kelly Cutrone Believes in Sex ToysShe insisted Bravo air footage of her shopping for them.
  4. when kell freezes over
    Kell on Earth Recap: Stephanie Vorhees Is No MoreRelive her firing in our recap of last night’s episode.
  5. when kell freezes over
    Kell on Earth Recap: Cutrone’s Employees Are Either Miserable or IncompetentIn this week’s episode, Stephanie Vorhees can’t get anything right.
  6. when kell freezes over
    Kelly Cutrone Didn’t Smile for the Cameras Twenty Years AgoBut she did smooth her hair.
  7. party lines
    Kelly Cutrone’s Assistant Makes an Assistant Out of the Bravo PublicistOne episode in, and he already has people running and fetching things for him.
  8. cult of personality
    Kell on Earth Preview: Things Break, Kelly Gets UpsetWatch clips from Kelly Cutrone’s new Bravo show, premiering tonight.
  9. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone on Not Wearing Makeup, Sex and the City, and Interns“The Bravo shot of me on the couch? It looks like I had sex with Heather Locklear and five margaritas.”
  10. party lines
    Lincoln Center’s New Fashion Week Director Challenges PETA to Come and Get HerLooks like moving out of Bryant Park will be fun.
  11. party lines
    Stipe & Cutrone at Smith & Sebring’s OpeningGet ready to see her get fired. Oh, and models prancing around.
  12. motion capture
    Christina Ricci to Employ Prodigious Posing Talents in Donna Karan VideoActress will model bag for artsy online look book.
  13. loose threads
    H&M to Open Home Stores; Lourdes Wears Christopher Kane for TopshopAlso, America’s Most Stylish Blogger has been named.
  14. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone Drumming Up Excitement for Her Bravo Show by Cursing on Fox NewsThe taped action on Bravo begins February 1.
  15. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone: ‘I’m, Like, the Patron Saint of Interns’Find out how to land one of those coveted positions.
  16. show and tell
    Whitney Port (and Her Crotch-Skimming Hemlines) Steals the Spotlight in Group ShowWhy should reporters talk to the Nicholas K designer when you can talk to an MTV reality star?
  17. scary panties
    Agent Provocateur Showcases $4,900 Spike-Adorned CorsetsJust what every woman needs right now.
  18. inner city life
    Whitney Port to Show Her Whitney Eve Line in the Tents at Fashion WeekKelly Cutrone is working for her now.
  19. it’s hard to find good help
    Potential Interns: Do Not Blog About Kelly CutroneOr you’ll face her wrath.
  20. mixed bags
    Can Bravo’s New Fashion-Reality Lineup Make Up for Project Runway?Considering it’s rolling out, like, a hundred new fashion-reality shows, one of them ought to do the trick.
  21. head for the hills
    Kelly Cutrone Returns to The Hills, Heidi Furthers WomankindLast night marked the return of two very important characters: Kelly Cutrone and our favorite bit player, Lauren’s Mustache.
  22. nonsense
    Ashley Dupré Eyed for Fashion-Magazine SpreadThe call-girl-cum-singer’s assault on Fashion Week continues.
  23. loose threads
    Saks Now Selling $21,000 Suits; Carla Bruni Wears Young DesignerAlso, Kelly Cutrone speaks on the Dupre debacle.
  24. party report
    Kelly Cutrone Shares Her Thoughts on the Obama BedroomExactly why does Cutrone find Michelle ‘totally refreshing’?
  25. fashion week preview fall 2009
    Fashion Week Makes It WorkThe show will go on, despite the recession.
  26. reality revolution
    Kelly Cutrone’s Reality Show Heads to BravoIt will focus on “strong women in the workplace.”
  27. inner city life
    The City Cannot Handle the Topic of Eating DisordersOur recap of last night’s episode is in!
  28. inner city life
    Whitney Port Fake-Works at Diane Von Furstenberg Amid LayoffsShe doesn’t actually do work at the label, if you can imagine.
  29. reality revolution
    Details Emerge on Kelly Cutrone’s New Reality ShowWe’ll see how the “perceived crises” that happen in fashion play out, like trying to find double-sided tape for a dress at 3 a.m.
  30. head for the hills
    We Can’t Wait for Kelly Cutrone’s New Reality ShowCutrone: “Think of it as ‘The Wizard of Oz’ meets Stephen King meets ‘Rhoda.’”
  31. party lines
    Kelly Cutrone on Her New TV ShowShe also warned Diane Von Furstenberg about MTV camera crews wreaking office havoc.
  32. the cutrone minute
    Kelly Cutrone’s Vlog: A Day That Never EndsKelly Cutrone films a day in her life during Fashion Week. We’re tired just watching!
  33. the cutrone minute
    Kelly Cutrone’s Vlog: Saving Fashion Week From the ElementsHow to keep fashion editors happy and dry.
  34. the cutrone minute
    Kelly Cutrone’s Vlog: Late Night at the BeatriceThe People’s Revolution publicist (and ‘Hills’ star, but that doesn’t matter this week) is keeping a video diary of the Fashion Week insanity.
  35. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Celebs Stay Remarkably Un-Sweaty at Yigal AzrouëlIt’s amazing how the social set can look magnificent in this kind of heat. Well, except for Cory Kennedy.
  36. the cutrone minute
    Kelly Cutrone Vlogs, Part One: Where Are All the Invitations?!Yes, Kelly Cutrone is vlogging for us this Fashion Week. And we have her first installment right here!
  37. party lines
    Kelly Cutrone Reveals Where to Find Hot, Straight Australian Men This Fashion WeekSo go and nab one before she sets them up with her staffers!
  38. cult of personality
    The Hills Gets Its Very Own YentaIn an episode much improved from last week’s snoozer, Whitney goes to New York and Kelly Cutrone multitasks like a power bitch.
  39. cult of personality
    Drama on The Hills Strangely Akin to That of Middle EastEpisode two of the latest season was a waste, save for some current-events analysis from the one and only Spencer Pratt.
  40. run through
    Whitney Port to Leave People’s Revolution?Rumor has it she’ll strike out on her own in season four of the ‘Hills’ to do in-house PR for an unknown designer.
  41. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone’s Driver’s License Proves She’s 42A few commenters accused Cutrone of not really being 42 years old, as the ‘Observer’ reported yesterday. We got her driver’s license to prove them wrong.
  42. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone Will Fix You Up With Her HouseboyThe profile in the New York ‘Observer’ on the publicist is chock-full of gems. We’ve excerpted our favorites.
  43. cult of personality
    More From ‘The Hills’: Kelly Cutrone Is Tired, ViciousThis double-hitter recap brings up another darkly titled episode: “Just Be Careful.” Dum-dum-dum (again)! It’s referring to Heidi, though, so it’s not quite as frightening. This episode focuses a lot on Whitney and her new job, so, you know, yawn.
  44. cult of personality
    ‘The Hills,’ Bonus Round: Sean Kingston Would Approve“Feel the rain on your skin” AGAIN! Sigh.
  45. run through
    ‘The Hills’ Returns Tonight, and Fashion PR Is a New StarOn tonight’s premiere of The Hills, things turn out a little bit differently than we might have expected: Heidi isn’t a total boob, and Whitney is asked to give up her life for fashion PR.