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Kenley Collins

  1. party lines
    Gunn, Klum at Project Runway’s Tenth AnniversaryA bunch of the show’s alumni turned up for its decennial.
  2. sounding auf
    Sounding Auf: A Chat With Runway All-Star KenleyThat laugh, oh yes, that laugh.
  3. she who throws cats
    Kenley Collins Might Do a Plus-Size Line, Denies Samples for Kelly RowlandShe would rather do plus-size clothes than wedding dresses.
  4. she who throws cats
    Kenley Collins: ‘Jail Inspired Me!’But that’s probably evident from her new black-and-white-striped dress.
  5. make it work
    Project Runway Is Planning an All-star ChallengeThis is probably a bad idea.
  6. crime and punishment
    Kenley Collins Pleads Guilty, Must Pay Measly FineThe case relating to the projectile cat is just about wrapped up.
  7. crime and punishment
    Kenley Collins Heads Back to Court TodayShe faces a class-A misdemeanor after allegedly throwing her cat violently at her ex-fiancé.
  8. crime and punishment
    Kenley Collins Says She Never Threw a Cat at Her ExAnd her mother will speak for her.
  9. cat fights
    Kenley Collins Is Back on the LooseFollowing her arrest for allegedly assaulting her ex-fiancé with a cat, a laptop, and apples.
  10. crime and punishment
    Project Runway’s Kenley Collins Arrested for AssaultShe allegedly attacked her ex-fiancé with her cat, apples, a laptop, and water while he was sleeping.
  11. kenley watch
    Is ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ in Kenley’s Future?Editor-in-chief Glenda Bailey supposedly loves the ‘Project Runway’ contestant’s work. And feather hats.