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  1. a beautiful life
    The Celebrity Hairstylist on the Curly Hair Knowledge Gap“The knowledge gap relating to curly and coily hair textures is a product of bigger issues at play than simply curly hair education.”
  2. hairy situations
    This Sugar Spray Is the Secret to the Best Beach WavesThose salt sprays are doing nothing for your hair.
  3. obsessive tester
    I Found the Best Shampoo for Dry HairAfter rigorous testing.
  4. hairy situations
    Hollywood’s Most In-Demand Hairstylist Has Landed a New GigJennifer Yepez has an impressive client list.
  5. new faces of things
    Emily Ratajkowski Announced Her New JobIt’s a hairy one.
  6. hairy situations
    This New Hairbrush Is Totally Judging YouPay $200 and get hair-shamed by a robot.
  7. women with hair
    The Key to These Perfect Curls Is Not What You’d ExpectHow one woman went from a fistful of curls to Rapunzel hair.
  8. hairy situations
    6 Natural-Hair Models on Their Favorite Hair ProductsModels use drugstore shampoo, just like us! 
  9. backstage beauty lessons
    6 New, Easy Backstage Beauty Lessons From Fashion WeekWhere to buy the best hair ties and more. 
  10. beautygrams
    Modern-Day Charlotte Ramplings at Jason WuBouncy ponytails and contoured cheeks.
  11. obsessive tester
    Obsessive Tester: Trying the New Pre-Wash Hair TreatmentsLike skin care for your hair. 
  12. editor’s picks
    Editor’s Picks: 5 New Hair Products for a Perfect Long BobWhen you don’t want to look too uptown or downtown (and certainly not Midtown).
  13. 5 Beauty Lessons I’ve Learned Backstage at Fashion Week So FarTime to start focusing on my brows. For real, this time.
  14. backstage beauty
    Beautygram: Nude and Boyish at Jason WuAndrogyny’s in the hair.
  15. beauty interviews
    Q&A: Kristen Stewart on Dry Shampoo, Puffy Faces, and Cornrows“I just like it when people look like they’re not trying. And the only way to do that is by not trying.”
  16. hommebré
    Q&A: Jared Leto’s Hairstylists on His Mystical Ombré Hair“Maybe we call it Hommebré.”
  17. beauty school
    Recreate the Perfect Low Ponytail From Jason WuIt looks easy, but it ain’t.
  18. farewell to the cut
    This Beauty Editor’s Must-Have ProductsA rare list of my all-time-favorite beauty staples.
  19. lab rat
    A Gel Root Lifter That Keeps Hair Super SoftYou can run your fingers through it.
  20. beauty booster
    Try This Excellent Multipurpose Hair Smoother Treat, style, protect, basta.
  21. her mossness
    Kate Moss Took Her New Louis Vuitton Outfit for a SpinJust a few days after it walked the runway.
  22. Travel Beauty: The Maximalist vs. the MinimalistTwo different takes on packing a dopp kit for Paris Fashion Week.
  23. The 9 Best Beauty Pro-Tips From Fashion WeekProduct tips and how-to tricks you’ll actually want to try at home.
  24. whole lotta hair
    How Kelly Osbourne Should Care for Her BF’s HairBecause he has the kind of crazy, curly locks we want to reach out and touch steal.
  25. frenching
    Nine French Beauty Products DecodedWhere elixirs shouldn’t be ingested and lotions aren’t lotions.
  26. Daily Backstage Beauty Q: Will You Wash Your Hair Tonight?The models definitely will. Everyone else? Not a priority.
  27. beauty marks
    Courtney Love Flattered by Face-Lift Rumors; Kérastase’s Products for Balding Men Arrive in the U.S.Also, a Canadian woman almost got a DUI because of Botox.
  28. beauty marks
    Adrian Grenier Hacked Off His Curly Locks; Lady Moods Affected by HairAlso, M.A.C.’s Times Square flagship officially opened its doors yesterday.
  29. beauty marks
    Kérastase Is Discontinuing Ten ProductsFind out how you can get 30 percent off before they’re gone.