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Kermit The Frog

  1. u up?
    Dirtbag Pivots to Fashion InfluencerKermit the Frog has been showing off some great fits lately.
  2. put a ring on it
    Miss Piggy Has Her Vivienne Westwood Gown All Picked OutNow if only Kermie would put a damn ring on it already.
  3. the aisle
    Couple Crushes: The Relationships We IdolizeNaomi and Liev, Kermit and Piggy.
  4. go green
    Kermit Got His First New Tuxedo Since 1979“I don’t often wear clothes, but when I do I want something classic,” he says.
  5. things that need to happen
    Lady Gaga and Miss Piggy May Be OneMiss Piggy’s character in the upcoming Muppet movie may be Gaga-inspired.
  6. just pants
    Video: Lady Gaga’s Kermit Coat in ActionSomehow she has topped herself yet again.