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    Slumdog Millionaire Kids Hit the CatwalkThey soiled their clothes playing before the show. Adorable.
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    ‘America’s Most Stylish Eight-Year-Old’ Is 40 on the InsideHe asked his parents for a top hat when he was 3.
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    Bonpoint Would Like to Dress the Obama Girls on Inauguration Day, But Currently Is Not [Updated]Would it be prudent of their parents to put them in clothes by a French label?
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    Designer Childrenswear Proliferates, Economy Be DamnedA flurry of designer kidswear is about to hit the market. We blame Suri Cruise.
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    Clothes for Recession-Proof Kids: Fur Slippers, Coats, Boots, and MoreWith Gaultier launching his own children’s line and a new Tommy Hilfiger tots deal in the works, the tykes are taking fashion by storm.
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    Jean Paul Gaultier to Launch Childrenswear!Is it wrong of us to hope the collection includes cone training bras?
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    Cathy Horyn Has a Photo of Karl Lagerfeld As a Child!And he’s wearing lederhosen.
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    ‘Magic’ Sneakers in Japan Sell More Than 10 Million PairsThe design supposedly enables faster running.