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Kids These Days

  1. kids these days
    Cool Millennial Exposes Boomer Friend to Hip New MusicBrad Pitt and Alia Shawkat were spotted at a Thundercat concert in L.A.
  2. kids these days
    The Consequences of Dressing a Child in Designer ClothesLuxury brands are going after the under-10 set more than ever. But no matter what you dress them in, kids will always be kids.
  3. out of the box
    The Effortless Style of L.A.’s Retro KidsA new wave of youths who like old things.
  4. kids these days
    Watch This 4-Year-Old Tell the Truth About Jake GyllenhaalLeila has some thoughts about his beard.
  5. Invasion of the Fidget SpinnersThey’re equal parts annoying and entrancing — and all kids can talk about right now.
  6. generations
    Don’t Call Me a Millennial — I’m an Old MillennialGiven the epochal events that changed the young adulthoods of older and younger millennials, it’s time to split the generation in half.
  7. kids these days
    This 4-Year-Old Has Read More Books Than YouDailyah Marie Arana has read more than 1,000 books.
  8. If Only Kids Knew How Bad Adults Are at Spotting Their LiesThis would’ve been nice to know a little earlier in life.
  9. kids these days
    This 5-Year-Old Girl Is Better at American Ninja Warrior Than YouHer dad made her a custom course!
  10. kids these days
    Watch Hilarious First-Graders React to Donald Trump Coming to Their ClassThe more you know.
  11. The World Isn’t Getting Ruder — Your Ego Just Makes It Seem That WayA popular illusion, explained.
  12. kids these days
    Columbia Students Finally Find Something Worth Protesting: This Ugly SculptureFighting the good fight.
  13. kids these days
    Toddler Calls 911 for Fashion EmergencyUnderstandable.
  14. kids these days
    Totally Real, Not-at-All Suspicious Letter Says School’s Canceled This WeekSeems legit.
  15. victimhood culture
    Why Arthur C. Brooks Is Wrong About ‘Victimhood Culture’Another entry in a long line of recent kids-these-days punditry.
  16. millennials
    That Was a False Alarm on Millennials and Free SpeechIt turns out Americans in general are cool with the government banning offensive things, and they have been for a long time.
  17. kids these days
    Lululemon Is Going to Put 6-Year-Olds in Yoga PantsOm.
  18. kids these days
    UPDATE: Teens NOT Crashing Saint Laurent ShowThey were invited.
  19. trends
    Teens Think Valentine’s Day Is Lame, LoserOver half of them say “no thanks” to the traditional love day.
  20. kids today
    59 Percent of Tiny Children Use Social MediaJust small kids joining the fake adult world.
  21. kids these days
    Watch Karl Lagerfeld Get Canned By Little PunkHudson Kroening, the Cindy Lou Who of fashion.
  22. kids these days
    The Sassiest Looks From Kids Fashion Week NYCTutus, babies, elves, and … Diddy?
  23. kids these days
    Fabulous Kids Get Their Own Show at Fashion WeekWell, that’s one alternative to day care.
  24. let’s not talk about the holidays yet
    Will Jay-Z Be This Year’s Lady Gaga for Barneys?They’ve been holding “secret talks.”
  25. kids these days
    Watch a Disenchanted Sky Ferreira Act in In Real Life Is this the fashion equivalent of Girls?
  26. hommes depot
    Are Home Depot Totes the New Hipster It Bag?This is what happens when bright orange things get discontinued.
  27. kids these days
    Child Labor Laws Soon to Apply to Models Under 18It’s awaiting the governor’s signature.
  28. talent scout
    See Looks From the 2013 Pratt Institute Fashion ShowThom Browne was the honorary guest of the evening.
  29. kids these days
    Tavi Gevinson Is So Over Fashion (for Now)She’ll stick to Rookie, high school, and friends.
  30. egged on
    Don’t Underestimate Stella McCartney’s Fun Egg GameJust give in to it.
  31. kids these days
    Watch Harper Beckham Watch David Beckham Play SoccerA real nail-biter, this one.
  32. oscars 2013
    Quvenzhané Wallis Starts Dog-Purse CrazeThis was inevitable.
  33. kids these days
    The Details: Quvenzhané Wallis’s Custom Armani Look“I’ve never seen a prettier dress in my whole life!”
  34. kids these days
    Topless Model From Marc Jacobs Is Kristen McMenamy’s DaughterMeet 18-year-old Lily.
  35. Quvenzhané Wallis Discusses Her Signature Puppy PurseShe’ll be bringing it to the Oscars, of course.
  36. kids these days
    Obama Girls Pick J.Crew, Kate Spade for InaugurationPink and purple.
  37. kids these days
    What a 9-Year-Old Should Wear to the OscarsBest Actress nominee Quvenzhané Wallis is about to find out.
  38. kids these days
    Romeo Beckham Is Quite a Little HamEvidenced in the video version of his Burberry ad.
  39. kids these days
    Romeo Beckham’s First Vogue Cover Tentatively Scheduled for 2018When he turns 16.
  40. kids these days
    Romeo Beckham Is the Adorable New Face of BurberryTurns out last week’s Burberry family photo op was just a teaser.
  41. the karl of it all
    Chanel Highlights: Toddler Kroenig’s Return, Burning Garbage Cans, and PlaidSee all the looks from the Scottish-themed show.
  42. slash jobs
    Julia Restoin-Roitfeld to Publish Children’s LiteratureIn a “project” she’s working on.
  43. kids these days
    Fashion World Salivating Over Sasha and MaliaLet’s leave their proms alone, okay?
  44. election 2012
    Sasha Obama’s Election-Night Skirt: Chris BenzAdorable.
  45. kids these days
    Exclusive: 8-Year-Old Anna Dello Russo Celebrates the New CoveteurShe is having a fashion shower.
  46. kids these days
    J. Lo’s Girl Child Wore a $2,100 Bag to the Chanel ShowAnd a $310 brooch.
  47. kids these days
    Blue Ivy Is the Unknowing Owner of Very Fancy ShoesMade specially for her angelic feet by Ruthie Davis.
  48. kids these days
    Harper Beckham Brunched at Pastis on TuesdayVictoria came along, too.
  49. kids these days
    Tavi: ‘I Think My Face Is Kind of Chronically Bitchface-y’“Sometimes after class my teachers will be like, Are you okay?
  50. kids these days
    Harry Brant Tells Andy Warhol: ‘I Love a Bolero!’And Peter says he doesn’t dance on tables.
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