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  1. This Study on Altruistic Toddlers Will Make You Feel Better About the WorldNot everything is terrible.
  2. Little Kids Absorb the Personalities of Their FriendsSome traits are contagious.
  3. A New Study Explains How to Raise an Honest KidThere’s a sneaky way to incentivize them to tell the truth.
  4. A New Study Explains the Right Way (and the Wrong Way) to Praise Your KidAnd how the appropriate level of enthusiasm can influence their grades and mental health.
  5. What Makes Kids Stop Believing in Santa?It’s more complicated than just growing up.
  6. tisci loves the kids
    It’s About to Get a Lot Easier to Dress Your Child Like North WestGivenchy is entering the kids’ market.
  7. lego
    Lego Is the Perfect ToyEven if no one can really agree on what kind of toy it is anymore.
  8. gift guide 2016
    34 Charming Gifts for KidsThe year’s must-have toys, dressy sneakers, cuddly creatures, and more.
  9. politics
    90 Percent of Teachers Say Trump’s Win Has Had a Negative Effect in ClassroomsVerbal harassment and use of slurs are on the rise in classrooms.
  10. How Little Kids Figure Out Who’s in ChargeA new study on how we learn about power dynamics.
  11. Kids With Autism Are Taking Trump’s Rhetoric LiterallyAutism experts explain how the election has taken a toll on the young people they work with.
  12. gallery
    These Letters to Donald Trump From First-Grade Students Are Devastating“Dear Mr. Trump, please be honest and kind.”
  13. A Lesson for Kids From the Election: Adults Aren’t PerfectEveryone learns it eventually, but for many, 2016 has sped up the process.
  14. developmental psychology
    What Your Election Freakout Looks Like From a Kid’s Point of ViewAnd how to talk to them about what you’re feeling.
  15. Here’s One More Reason Why You Shouldn’t Let Kids Win All the TimeIt stunts their decision-making skills.
  16. reading
    Amazon’s New Strategy for Getting Kids to Read Is So DepressingShouldn’t kids be reading books?
  17. Yes, There’s a Right Way to Discipline Your KidsFifty years of research agrees on one thing.
  18. The Kids Most Affected by Parenting Share a Personality Trait“The very quality that appears to be a frailty in children may also be their strength.”
  19. the science of dreams
    Little Kids Use Their Dreams to Figure Out Real Life“Some of the dreams we have in childhood become lifelong touchstones of emotion.”
  20. Kids Are Judgmental, Morally Pure Little JerksIf the right choice is anything other than easy, you don’t get points for making it.
  21. An Idea: Let’s Get Rid of Middle SchoolA big new study suggests kids would be better off in K–8 schools.
  22. How Little Kids Decide What ‘Normal’ MeansToddlers are “promiscuous normativists.”
  23. Why Doctors Should Treat Kid Patients Like Decision-making PartnersWhy it’s important to involve kids in their health care, even when physicians and parents have the final say.
  24. The Right Way to Swear in Front of Your KidsContext, context, context.
  25. Maybe Stop Asking Kids to Recap Their School DayBeing a high-school student is already exhausting.
  26. best bets
    Roll-Top Backpacks, Unexpected Dorm Décor, and More Back-to-School EssentialsWhat’s new in New York stores.
  27. How Scary Stories Help Kids Learn to Handle Fear in Real LifeEven at a young age, horror has its benefits.
  28. The Sugar High Is Actually Just a Parenting MythIf kids seem hyper after eating sugary snacks, it’s just because adults are primed to see them that way.
  29. Like Tiny Godfathers, Toddlers Keep Track of Who Owes Them Favors“Someday, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me.”
  30. You Can Bribe Your Kid to Love BooksIf you do it right.
  31. A Kid’s World Is a Pleasing, Confusing Mash-up of Magic and RealityA psychologist on the often bewildering process of learning to separate fiction from real life.
  32. Don’t Feed Your Kids While You’re HungryThe “no grocery shopping on an empty stomach” rule applies.
  33. ‘Book Deserts’ Leave Low-Income Kids With Nothing to ReadThe neighborhoods are like food deserts, but for education.
  34. Is Friendship a Skill That Can Be Taught in Schools?The importance of making time for social interaction in the classroom.
  35. Preventing Obesity in Kids Starts Even Before They’re BornLike, first-trimester early.
  36. Getting Kids to Like Vegetables Could Be As Simple As the Right CartoonWhat if the Trix rabbit ate carrots instead of sugar cereal?
  37. Just Touching Money Is Enough to Turn Kids MeanHandling currency does some weird things to the brain — even in people too young to have any use for it.
  38. Kids Don’t Trust UglinessBeing little doesn’t exempt you from being kind of a shallow jerk.
  39. The Lasting Benefits of Growing Up Around BooksA new study links access to non-schoolbooks in childhood with a higher income later in life.
  40. Send Your Kids to Day Care So They Get Sick — It’s Good for ThemJust ask George Carlin.
  41. First-Generation Kids Excel in School, But Then ‘Immigrant Optimism’ FadesSomething strange is happening as families assimilate into the U.S.
  42. You Probably Can’t Tell When Your Kid Is LyingA new study on parents and “truth bias.”
  43. overmedication
    This Is a Funny/Sad Video About Overmedicated, ‘Immature’ KidsActing like a child is a growing problem among children, and the only reasonable solution is drugs – and lots of ‘em!
  44. Diabetes Kits Are the Cool New Accessory for American Girl DollsBring back Molly.
  45. Cute Kids Are Even Cuter When They’re Calling Out Pay InequalityNow if only adults would get with it.
  46. Skipping the Most Important Meal of the Day Could Have Some Ugly ConsequencesKids who eat two breakfasts are more likely to avoid obesity than those who eat none.
  47. We Just Learned a Sobering New Statistic About Cancer and WealthThis is bad news.
  48. 4 Facts That Prove Maternity Leave in the U.S. Is a Total DisasterGet it together, America.
  49. Here’s a Helpful Rundown of the Homework DebateThere’s a serious disconnect between researchers and those in the homework “trenches.”
  50. A New Study on Adopted Kids Takes on the Tiny Question of Nature Versus NurtureWhich matters more when it comes to longevity?
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