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  1. sports
    Guess Who Kim Kardashian Was Rooting For at the Super BowlDoesn’t sound like she’s on Taylor’s team.
  2. celebrity
    Kim Might Actually Have Her Own Football GuyThings with Odell Beckham Jr. are reportedly getting “serious.”
  3. do i need this?
    Do I Really Need Lip Products From Kim Kardashian?I tried all ten shades and here is my review.
  4. celebrity
    Kim Kardashian’s Office Is Even Weirder Than You’d ThinkWhy does this woman own a 3-D model of her brain?
  5. celebrity
    Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Décor Keeps Getting WeirderWhat’s going on under her tree?
  6. celebrity
    Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Decorations Have Gone Too FarShe turned her bathtub into a hot-chocolate receptacle, according to her Instagram Story.
  7. celebrity kids
    North West Is Making Her Rap Debut“Miss Westie” has a verse on her dad’s forthcoming album.
  8. celebrities
    Kim Kardashian’s Next Move Is Comedy StarHollywood is reportedly fighting over a new movie that would star Kardashian in a leading role.
  9. encounter
    The Couple Behind the Skims-Industrial ComplexA big chunk of the Kardashian family business rides on Emma and Jens Grede.
  10. lists
    An Exhausting Guide to Pete Davidson’s Love LifeA journey through time, space, and romance.
  11. celebrity
    What’s the Deal With Donda Academy?A fourth former teacher is suing the school, citing habitual health and safety concerns.
  12. peak dupe
    How Skims Became One of the Most Duped Brands EverWhen your brand is basics, is everything suddenly a dupe?
  13. keeping up with the kardashians
    Since When Is Kim Kardashian a Lakers Superfan?The Skims founder sure has been to a lot of Tristan Thompson’s basketball games lately.
  14. met gala 2023
    Kim and Pete Had a Met Gala ReunionThe former couple was photographed chatting with Usher.
  15. met gala 2023
    Wait, Are Kids Allowed at the Met Gala?North West and Stormi were spotted heading to this year’s event with their parents.
  16. fashion
    Who’s Going to the 2023 Met Gala?And how many of them are Kardashians?
  17. kardashians
    Are Kim and Kourtney Feuding Over Kourtney’s Wedding?“My sister used my wedding as a business opportunity,” Kourtney says in a new trailer.
  18. celebrity
    North West Is Laying the Groundwork for a Skin-Care EmpireFour new trademark applications indicate the 9-year-old is gearing up to become a business girlie.
  19. celebrity
    Kim Kardashian Is One Amethyst Cross Closer to RoyaltyAnd it cost her only $197,453.
  20. divorce
    Kim and Ye Are Officially DivorcedYe will reportedly pay Kim $200,000 in child support every month.
  21. celebrity
    Former Yeezy Employees Allege Ye Committed ‘Bullying Attacks’ on StaffIn an open letter, the ex-employees urged Adidas leaders to address the toxic environment Ye created.
  22. kimye
    Julia Fox Was Just Trying to HelpThe actor says she dated Ye in the hopes that she could “get him off Kim’s case.”
  23. ugh why
    Celebrities Can’t Stop Endorsing Rick Caruso for L.A. MayorKaty Perry, Kim Kardashian, Chris Pratt, Snoop Dogg, and more have all endorsed the billionaire.
  24. happy halloween?
    Kim Kardashian Really Knows How to Make a Haunted HouseHer Halloween decorations include zombie hands, skeleton trees, and mummies hanging from the ceiling.
  25. happy birthday?
    Did Taylor Swift Curse Kim Kardashian’s Birthday?Whether or not it was intentional, she seems to have succeeded.
  26. uh oh
    Kim Kardashian Is in Trouble for Promoting CryptoShe recently paid the SEC $1.26 million for illegally plugging EMAX tokens.
  27. thanks i hate it
    Kylie Jenner’s Bleached Eyebrows Look Very FamiliarKim Kardashian’s little sister is following in her footsteps.
  28. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About Kim Trying to Walk in This DressThere is something deliciously humbling about watching a full-blown adult bunny-hop up some stairs.
  29. cut opinion pages
    Let the Woman RestThe Marilyn Monroe in Blonde is yet another figment of our imagination. Maybe we could come up with something else now?
  30. celebrity
    Ray J’s Instagram Live on the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape, ExplainedThe singer made new claims about Kris Jenner’s involvement and shared the alleged contract he and Kim signed with Vivid Entertainment.
  31. sure why not
    Kim Kardashian’s Initials Have a New JobShe’s launching SKKY, a private-equity firm.
  32. thanks i hate it
    I Can’t Stop Looking at Kim Kardashian’s Bleached EyebrowsWhy are they so fluffy?
  33. drought
    Surprise: The Celebs Are Using Too Much WaterDwyane Wade and Kim Kardashian are among the Californians who have been reprimanded for their consumption amid a megadrought.
  34. celebrity
    Kim Kardashian Bravely Takes Shot On-CameraBehold, the face of someone who’s made a huge mistake.
  35. panties we love
    Kim Kardashian on How She Made Her Skims UnderwearA deep dive with Kardashian on what makes Skims panties so special. (Hint: It’s the fit.)
  36. celebrity
    Kardashian News Drop: A Baby and a BreakupKhloé Kardashian welcomes another baby as Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson reportedly break up.
  37. beauty trends
    ​​North West Really Knows How to Humble Her MomShe turned Kim Kardashian into a Minion.
  38. goth
    North West Is Now Making Art With Human HairThe goth phase continues.
  39. sure i guess
    Kim Kardashian Is Still Trying to Make Swim Gloves HappenI do not envy her tan lines.
  40. celebrity
    Kim Kardashian Wants to #FreeGunnaThe Atlanta rapper, who was arrested in May on a count of criminal racketeering, was recently denied bond.
  41. celebrity
    Pete Davidson Is Ready to ProcreateIn a recent interview, he said it’s his “dream” to have a kid.
  42. too soon
    Do We Really Need More Kardashian Kontent?Season Two of ‘The Kardashians’ is coming.
  43. kardashian kids
    North West Would Like the Paparazzi to Cease and Desist“STOP.”
  44. my beautiful dark twisted crocs
    North West Was Not Kidding About That Goth PhaseGuess who got Kim to wear a nose ring?
  45. runway
    Two Very Important Blondes (VIBs) Walked Balenciaga CoutureActually three, if you count Kim Kardashian.
  46. skin kare
    Kim Kardashian Is Being Sued Over SKKNA Black-owned beauty brand filed a suit alleging copyright infringement.
  47. do i need this?
    I Tried SKKN, and One Product Is Really Worth ItAfter a weeklong experiment of testing all nine products, here are the ones that came out on top.
  48. kardashian kids
    Kim Kardashian’s Kids Are Trolling Her Again“Hi, weirdos!”
  49. …okay
    Kim Kardashian Says She’d ‘Eat Poop’ to Look YoungerWhile promoting her new skin-care line, of course.
  50. why
    Ted Cruz Is Curious How Pete Davidson Gets These ‘Hot Women’He posed the question during a podcast segment about “toxic femininity.”
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