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  1. fear of childbirth
    Kanye Too ‘Squeamish’ to Watch Kim Give Birth — Is That Weird?A brief history of dads who can’t stomach the delivery room.
  2. fame
    Artist Casts Pregnant Kardashian in SculptureFrom the man who brought the world The Birth of Sean Preston.
  3. Riccardo Tisci Defends Kim Kardashian’s Glove-SleevesIs this an engagement announcement? Were the gleeves HIDING A RING?
  4. rumors
    Punk Rocker Kanye West Might Be This Year’s Met Gala PerformerHard-core!
  5. kimyembryo
    Now Presenting Kim Kardashian’s Bare Baby BumpAnd Ray J’s new song, “I Hit It First.”
  6. kimyembryo
    KimyEmbryo to Exit Womb in Leather PantsIt’s a Sisters Kardashian joke!
  7. kimyembryo
    Kim Kardashian Blesses a Baby While Wearing Leather Maternity PantsAt her new movie’s premiere.
  8. kimyembryo
    Kim Kardashian Raced to Doctor After Paris Fashion WeekShe thought she was having a miscarriage.
  9. kimyembryo
    Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s Baby a Girl: ReportLittle Miss KimyEmbryo.
  10. kimye
    What Kimye Is Doing Instead of Fashion WeekHaving a religious experience in Rio.
  11. kimyembryo
    Now Presenting Kim Kardashian’s Baby BumpIt’s the moment Kris Jenner has been waiting for.
  12. kimye
    KimyEmbryo to One Day Poop in Bespoke Leather Baby PantsBut will it one day drool inside of a crystal-encrusted Margiela mask?
  13. kimyembryo
    Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton Will Race to Maternity WardCancer princes and princesses for everyone.
  14. kimyembryo
    If Kim Kardashian Won’t Sell Baby Pics, Who Will?And what will she do for a living?
  15. kimye
    Kanye Applies Online for Blue Ivy’s PlaygroupThey’re practically fam.