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  1. science of us
    Why People Are So Good at Being Kind and Being CruelTogether they “make perfect sense.”
  2. Neurotics Get an Extra Benefit From Being Extra NiceThey have more “room for improvement” in their moods.
  3. Altruistic People Have More SexA little kindness goes a long way (in bed).
  4. Kindness Is Intuitive — It’s Overthinking That Leads to Selfish BehaviorThe science of selflessness.
  5. studies
    What Happens in Your Brain and Body When You Witness Human KindnessThe physiological consequences of niceness. 
  6. kids
    A Wisconsin Preschool Tried a ‘Kindness Curriculum’Improving the kids’ emotional skills improved their academic skills, as it turned out. 
  7. challenges
    Could You Go 40 Days Without Being Mean?An experiment in being nice — or, as the yogis call it, “medium-soft.”
  8. the brain
    You Are Built to Be KindThe biology of being nice.