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Kira Plastinina

  1. loose threads
    Model Ambrose Olsen Died; Kira Plastinina Opens Stores AbroadAlso, Gisele and Tom’s new house in California sure looks fabulous.
  2. look of the day
    Kira Plastinina Keeps It CasualIs there such a thing as too laid-back?
  3. rich people
    Kira Plastinina Reopens, People ProtestThe protests actually don’t have anything to do with the, uh, aesthetic of the goods sold inside the store.
  4. second acts
    Kira Plastinina Won’t Take ‘FAIL’ for an Answer, Reopens in L.A.The teenage Russian designer is attempting to reboot her American stores.
  5. smells like teen spirit
    Kira Plastinina Might Move to New York to Go to ParsonsShe’s deciding whether to come here or go to London. Come here, Kira!
  6. broke people
    Kira Plastinina Files for BankruptcyOh, no. We are distraught.
  7. tears of fashion
    Kira Plastinina Ended in TearsEmployees say they were caught off guard.
  8. shutterings
    Kira Plastinina Has to Close Most of Her StoresThe 16-year-old Russian fashion designer is the economy’s latest victim.
  9. run through
    The ‘Sex and the City’ Premiere Party Will Have Lots of Sparkly Pink StuffIts decorations will include a pink carpet studded with crystals and pink-heart ornaments in the trees. Um, didn’t ‘SATC’ used to be more sophisticated?