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Kiss Cam

  1. pda
    Watch Amy Schumer Go All Out for the Kiss Cam at a Mets GameShe had a kiss for her dad and her boyfriend.
  2. daaaaaad!
    Pity Mark Wahlberg’s Preteen Daughter, for Her Dad Has No ChillMay she live to see another day.
  3. lifelong loves
    See Moving Portraits of Couples Who’ve Been Married for DecadesA new book, The Lovers, includes portraits of couples who’ve been married for decades.
  4. kiss cam
    Drake Just Wants to Be on the Kiss CamSexy ear-blowing times were had at the ESPYs. 
  5. Eight Kisses for Same-Sex MarriageMwah.
  6. spread the love
    The 56 Best Kisses at Fashion Week’s PartiesWork hard, play hard, love hard.
  7. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Wore a Floral Skirt to Kiss on CameraAnd a ruffled tank top.
  8. the beckhams
    Someone Pointed a Camera at Victoria Beckham and She Did Not ScowlShe and David smooched for the Kiss Cam.