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Kit Harington

  1. congrats!
    Jon Snow and Ygritte Welcome Tiny WildlingRose Leslie and Kit Harington had a baby!
  2. game of thrones
    Looks Like Emilia Clarke Shared Your Feelings About the Game of Thrones FinaleA new documentary captured Clarke’s face during the final read-through.
  3. game of thrones
    Jon Snow’s Hottest Moments on Game of ThronesHis pouts, his hairdos — a retrospective of smoldering.
  4. marriage
    Kit Harington Messed Up His Wedding Proposal to Rose LeslieHe knows nothing.
  5. nice things
    Here’s Hoping That Kit Harington Proposed to Rose Leslie in a Sexy CaveNicole Kidman must be so pleased.
  6. now smell this
    Kit Harington on Why He Loves Harry Potter and Hates the Term ‘Man-Bun’The Game of Thrones star is the new face of Dolce & Gabbana’s cologne.
  7. who among us?
    Kit Harington Reportedly Fell Asleep at the ClubWho among us?
  8. Kit Harington Is the Reason Jon Snow Has a ‘Tiny Pecker’ on Game of ThronesEveryone loves to make fun of Kit Harington on set.
  9. hot shot
    Kit Harington Packed a Picnic for YouJust go ahead and help yourself to some of that bread.
  10. game of thrones women
    Comic-Con: Sophie Turner Is the BestAlso? Kit Harington had some digestive issues on set.
  11. jon snow’s hair
    RIP Jon Snow’s BeardThankfully, his hair is still intact.
  12. you know nothing jon snow
    Kit Harington Wants You to Know That Men Face Sexism TooJon Snow wants you to know he’s more than a good head of hair. 
  13. hot people problems
    Being a Hunky Man Is a Demeaning Job It’s hard out here for a hunk.
  14. Kit Harington Puts His Bitchy Resting Face to Good Use in Jimmy Choo AdsTurn that frown into dollars.
  15. campaign trail
    Here’s Jon Snow’s Best Blue SteelKit Harington is in a new Jimmy Choo ad.
  16. man manes
    Kit Harington Seems Kind of Bitter About HairThe Game of Thrones star is contractually hairy.