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Know Thyself

  1. To Make Better Decisions, Ask Yourself ‘What,’ Not ‘Why’’What’ questions help us understand ourselves.
  2. note to self
    Sometimes ‘Introspection’ Is You Just Making Stuff UpYou know what you’re thinking and feeling. Knowing why is another matter entirely.
  3. splitsville
    How a Breakup Distorts Your Sense of Self“Self-expansion theory” helps explain why the end of a relationship can feel so psychologically unsettling.
  4. What Makes Your Life Meaningful?If you’re not sure, this little test can help nudge you in the right direction.
  5. personality psychology
    Can You Predict Your Scores on an Important Personality Test?The Big Five framework has been embraced by many personality psychologists as an important way to measure human personality.
  6. know thyself
    Hilaria Baldwin Might Be the Last True FreakPosing life.