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  1. wildlife
    Australia Has Declared Koalas an Endangered SpeciesThese marsupials deserve more.
  2. please help
    World’s Cutest Creature Could Soon Become EndangeredKoalas are dying at alarming rates, and 5,000 reportedly perished in the Australian bushfires.
  3. how to help
    How to Help Fight the Australia FiresAdopt a koala, donate to on-the-ground organizations, and more.
  4. koala time!
    Excuse Me, This Thirsty Koala Would Like a Drink, PleaseHe clambered onto a cyclist’s bike and commandeered her water bottle.
  5. keeping up with the royals
    This Koala Doesn’t Care That He’s Meeting the Duke and Duchess of SussexHe munched on leaves while completely ignoring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
  6. do it for the koalas
    Someone Please Get These Injured Koalas Their MittensPlease!
  7. the art of seduction
    Kim Kardashian Gets Sensual With Some KoalasOh, she can get sexy with anything. Anything
  8. quotables
    Miranda Kerr ‘Must Have Been a Koala’ in a Past LifeNo real reason; she’s just sure of it.