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Kristen Schaal

  1. chat room
    Kristen Schaal Knows Why You Have Crushes on All Her Co-StarsBecause they’re funny, duh.
  2. weirdos we love
    Kristen Schaal Is the Patron Saint of Big Ol’ Weirdos Everywhere Her freak flag whips proudly in the wind.
  3. mind the income gap
    3-D-Printed Penises More Likely Than Wage EqualityKristen Schaal explains.
  4. balls
    The Daily Show Has Sympathy for the ManspreadersA tender message from Kristen Schaal.
  5. hilarious things
    Watch: Kristen Schaal Decodes the Tao of Princeton MomBecause your “dewy, adorable days are gone.”
  6. slutoween
    Kristen Schaal Reveals Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever Created Just in time for the holidays, a giant vagina.
  7. video
    Kristen Schaal Shows GOP How to Appeal to Women“They have to frame their arguments through the prism of the vagina.”