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  1. cannes drama
    Brave Actress Goes Barefoot At CannesA mini-protest on the red carpet.
  2. gallery
    Chanel Brings Tilda Swinton and Kristen Stewart to GermanyFor the brand’s Métiers d’Art Show in Hamburg
  3. gallery
    Kim K and Kristen Stewart Partied This WeekPlus Kirsten Dunst, Julianne Moore, Rumer Willis, and Demi Moore.
  4. party pics
    Kate Winslet and Zendaya Partied This WeekPlus: Kristen Stewart, Chrissy Teigen, Yara Shahidi.
  5. stranger things
    25 Famous Women on Their Strangest HabitsAmy Poehler, Rebel Wilson, Chrissy Teigen, and more, on the weird habits they can’t shake.
  6. now smell this
    Watch Kristen Stewart Being Birthed In A Chanel ApocalypseThere’s also a cocoon — by Chanel.
  7. now smell this
    Kristen Stewart Has Hair AgainShe and her hair star in a new Chanel Beauty ad.
  8. let's makeup
    The Secret to Getting Kristen Stewart’s Not-Too-Perfect Eye MakeupHer longtime favorite makeup artist Jillian Dempsey has a new “natural” beauty line.
  9. Kristen Stewart Explains Her Sexuality With a Grilled-Cheese MetaphorA master of metaphors.
  10. dos and don'ts
    Kristen Stewart Is the Only Acceptable Wedding CrasherYour wedding should be only about you. Unless Kristen Stewart shows up.
  11. hairy situations
    What to Expect When You Buzz Off All Your HairYou will have a V for Vendetta moment.
  12. hot shot
    Kristen Stewart Has Accidental Frosted TipsThe perils of growing out a platinum buzz cut.
  13. new faces of things
    Kristen Stewart’s Face Lands Another Chanel JobMore Coco (Chanel) for KStew.
  14. Watch the Chvrches Music Video Kristen Stewart Directed for Planned Parenthood“Down Side of Me” will appear on an album that benefits Planned Parenthood.
  15. Rupert Sanders Opens Up About His Affair With Kristen StewartYou know, the one Donald Trump kept tweeting about in 2012.
  16. fashion on film
    Personal Shopper Gets the Unglamorous Side of Fashion Exactly RightCGI ghosts aside, this is a pretty realistic portrayal.
  17. kristen stewart
    Kristen Stewart on Bisexuality: ‘It’s Not Confusing at All’“I’m just trying to acknowledge that fluidity, that grayness, which has always existed.”
  18. hairy situations
    Kristen Stewart Has No Idea What to Do With a Shaved HeadSo fresh, so clean, so empty?
  19. Kristen Stewart Does Not Speak Emoji“With text and social media … it’s a new language.”
  20. roll clip!
    Kristen Stewart Makes Pizza Rolls Sexy in This Saturday Night Live Sketch“Babe, what’s taking so long with those Totinos? You girls making out back there?”
  21. hindsight
    Kristen Stewart Recalls Trump’s Tweets on Her Robert Pattinson Split“I literally cannot even understand it.”
  22. Kristen Stewart Co-Authored a Research Paper on Artificial IntelligenceShe used the technique in her new film.
  23. the l word
    Kristen Stewart’s Dating Life, Decoded by a Gossip Expert“This year has most certainly been quite a pivotal year in celesbian culture.”
  24. new love
    Kristen Stewart Is Reportedly Dating Model Stella MaxwellRaise your middle fingers in salute.
  25. A Year of Kristen Stewart Giving the Middle FingerA middle finger for every occasion.
  26. red carpet official
    Your New Favorite Couple Made Their Red Carpet DebutKristen Stewart and St. Vincent are legit.
  27. platitudes
    Kristen Stewart Is Tired of the ‘Woman in Hollywood’ Question“I look forward to a time when there’s not a need for a special night for women. When half of the population doesn’t have an asterisk beside it.”
  28. receipts
    These Pics Prove Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent Are DatingThey were spotted holding hands and kissing.
  29. new couple on the block
    Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent Are Reportedly Your New Cool Girl CoupleRIP, Kristen and Alicia.
  30. Party pics
    The Chanel No. 5 Launch Party Was the Place to Be in L.A. Last NightIt doesn’t get any better than Nas and Chanel bags.
  31. new couple on the block
    Kristen Stewart Says Dating Women Liberated Her“When I was dating a guy I was hiding everything that I did.”
  32. party pics
    Beyoncé and Patti Smith Partied This WeekPlus: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Stewart, Amber Rose. 
  33. campaign trail
    Watch Kristen Stewart’s Smoldering Video for ChanelSilk tulle, lace, crystal glasses.
  34. yes we cannes
    The Best Beauty Looks From CannesFrom the sunniest red carpet of the year.
  35. Now Blake Lively Claims Woody Allen Is Empowering to WomenThe actress continues to defend the director.
  36. quoteables
    Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Have Time for YouStop putting her in a box!
  37. love is dead
    A Requiem for Kristen and Soko, Who Broke UpAnother one bites the dust.
  38. Actress Kristen Stewart Looks Like — If You Can Believe It — an ActressKarl gives the astute assessment we’ve been waiting for.
  39. new couple on the block
    Soko Was Too Cool to Slide Into Girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s DMsBut she does have a zine’s worth of DM sexts!
  40. new couple on the block
    New Couple Kristen Stewart and Soko Are So Cool It’s IntimidatingThat’s enough, ladies.
  41. i wanna dance with somebody
    Kristen Stewart Wishes She Could Dance Like Nobody’s WatchingThe normally reserved actress opens up, and it’s delightful.
  42. new faces of things
    Karl Lagerfeld Blesses Kristen Stewart’s EyesWith a new Chanel beauty gig. 
  43. party pics
    Kristen Stewart Partied With Julianne MoorePlus: Caitlyn Jenner, Courtney Love, Rooney Mara, and more in this week’s party round-up. 
  44. kookoo for coco
    Kristen Stewart Gives Her Best RBF for ChanelWatch her brood in a teaser for their new fashion film.
  45. Kristen Stewart to Play a Meta Coco ChanelIn a short film to be screened at an upcoming Chanel show.
  46. look of the day
    Kristen Stewart Wore a Sequined JumpsuitAnd a smile!
  47. facial expressions
    The Never-Ending Saga of Kristen Stewart’s SmileWhen will this globally important issue be settled?
  48. video
    Kristen Stewart Teaches Jesse Eisenberg How to Field Sexist Interview Questions“Is this not how these things usually go for you?”
  49. people who dgaf
    Kristen Stewart Has a Newfound Apathy for All Things“I lit my universe on fire and I watched it burn.”
  50. the hit list
    The 12 Most Extravagant Moments From CoutureWe went, we touched the feathers, we tell you what you need to know.
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