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  1. l’amour
    Bennifer in ParisThe newlyweds are enjoying a classic honeymoon (with their kids).
  2. l’amour
    The Year’s Hottest Bachelor Is This Brainless Parisian SlimeThe Blob is a stunning organism with no brain and 720 sexes.
  3. l’amour
    A Mormon Millionaire Is Hosting His Own Personal BachelorThe mysterious man hosted a group date with 20 women in an attempt to find a wife.
  4. as told to
    20 People on the Best Relationship Advice They Ever ReceivedAnonymous thoughts from our readers.
  5. l’amour
    Two Hours Beneath the Billionaire’s Gigantic Banner of LoveNew Yorkers react to an extremely petty and expensive wedding gift.
  6. l’amour
    I Guess This Is How Billionaires Express Their Love?A bafflingly large mural that doubles as a proclamation of affection and a jab at your ex.
  7. l’amour
    Channing Tatum Is Now an Instagram PoetHis romantic DM to Jessie J is as confusing as it is beautiful.
  8. l’amour
    Dina Lohan’s Boyfriend Will FaceTime Her to Prove He’s Not a CatfishThey’ve been together for five years, but have never met.
  9. l’amour
    Justin Bieber Spent an Insane Amount of Money on Hailey Baldwin’s RingIt’s huge, too.
  10. See Emily Ratajkowski’s Massive Engagement Ring for the First TimeIt has not one, but two massive diamonds.
  11. l’amour
    And Now, the Story of Two People Who Found Love on an AirplaneOr at least instant attraction.
  12. l’amour
    Pete Davidson Finally Confirms His Engagement to Ariana Grande“It’s f*cking lit” he told Jimmy Fallon.
  13. l’amour
    Ted Cruz Ominously Invites Wife on Date in Like Two Years’ TimeGood luck, Heidi.
  14. l’amour
    Mitt Romney Says He Voted for His Wife for PresidentBrave.
  15. l’amour
    Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Confirm Relationship With Harry Potter RobesThe traditional milestone we all know and love.
  16. l’amour
    Hollywood’s Favorite Ex-Couple Spotted at Cozy DinnerIt all starts with an intimate dinner in New York.
  17. l’amour
    Grimes Defends Boyfriend Elon Musk Against Union-Busting AccusationsAn important relationship milestone.
  18. l’amour
    Vanessa Trump’s Romance With Saudi Prince Reportedly Thwarted by 9/11Vanessa Trump’s past continues to read like a series of increasingly confusing Mad Libs.
  19. l’amour
    Bella Hadid Caught Kissing The Weeknd at CannesLove is in the air.
  20. l’amour
    Donald Trump Brags That He Got Melania a ‘Beautiful Card’ for Her BirthdayWhen you definitely remembered your spouse’s birthday.
  21. l’amour
    Kellyanne Conway’s Cousin Is Dating Mike Pence’s NephewAnd the lovebirds are both Trump staffers.
  22. l’amour
    Why This Couple Got Married in a BathroomThe loo of love.
  23. l’amour
    Man Tricks Hotel Valet Into Giving Him Keys to $300,000 Ferrari to Impress WomanA new lawsuit claims the valet of a Florida hotel gave away another man’s yellow car.
  24. l’amour
    You’ll Never Guess What Paris Hilton Left at the AirportOh, just her fiancé.
  25. l’amour
    The Koch Heir With the Terrible Shirts May Have a New GirlfriendLove is reportedly in the air for Wyatt Koch and his very bad shirts.
  26. l’amour
    Amber Heard Wears Paintbrush in Her Hair (While Kissing Elon Musk)Ah, love.
  27. l’amour
    This Nudist Dating Fraud Story Has EverythingIncluding cow insemination.
  28. l’amour
    6 Alternatives to Engagement ChickenDomestic Partnership Leftover Grain Salad, anyone?
  29. l’amour
    This Ohio Judge Bragged About Sleeping With ‘50 Very Attractive Females’Would you believe he’s also running for governor?
  30. l’amour
    Judge Orders Man to Write 144 Compliments About His Ex-GirlfriendBecause he sent her 144 “nasty” texts.
  31. deception
    This Is the Most Incredible Catfishing Story We’ve Ever HeardThe woman who met and fell in love with the male model from the pictures meant to scam her.
  32. l’amour
    Million-Dollar NYC Condos Feature Breathtaking Views of Public SexCondos overlooking Marcus Garvey Park reportedly have birds-eye views of a popular hookup spot.
  33. l’amour
    Couple Accidentally Crashes Wedding While NakedIt happens.
  34. l’amour
    Couple Celebrates Their Eternal Bond With Fellatio-Themed Wedding PhotoThe bride’s mother reportedly suggested it.
  35. hot shot
    Gwen Stefani Steps Out With Three (3) Blake SheltonsAh … l’amour.
  36. l’amour
    Yankees Fans Engage in Extremely NSFW Activity on the Subway (It’s Sex)It truly is the Summer of Hell.
  37. l’amour
    Eliot Spitzer Reportedly Has a New Girlfriend“Page Six” recently spotted them on a double date.
  38. l’amour
    Here’s the Story of Jenny Slate’s Blind Date With a Man Dressed Like a Knight“His chain mail is like getting caught on stuff.”
  39. l’amour
    This Wedding Announcement Features an Insane Detail About Dave Matthews BandReally burying the lede here.
  40. l’amour
    Miranda Kerr Finally Unveiled (Ha) Her Couture Wedding DressThe first look for anyone that wasn’t on the 45 person guest list.
  41. compromises
    Would You Let Your Spouse-to-Be Wear a Football Helmet to Your Wedding?Must be true love.
  42. l’amour
    Here’s the Story of Aidy Bryant’s Most Stressful Date“He didn’t start crying, but he was on the edge.”
  43. l’amour
    Joe Scarborough Has Written at Least One of His 400 Songs for Mika BrzezinskiRomance!
  44. Looks Like Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel Will Finally Get to BangThe pair is reportedly getting married this weekend.
  45. Donald & Melania Trump Make a Point to Hold Hands (Update: Then She Rejects Him)The president and First Lady deliberately clutched each other after the hand swat seen around the world.
  46. l’amour
    This Depressing Story About a Snail Named Jeremy’s Love Life Is Too RealPoor Jeremy.
  47. l’amour
    Man Sues Woman for Texting During Movie Date“Oh my God. This is crazy,” she said upon hearing the news.
  48. l’amour
    French Women Reportedly Down With Macron’s Marriage to a Much Older WomanThe presidential candidate, 39, is married to his former high-school teacher, who is 64.
  49. l’amour
    French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron Married His High-School TeacherA fun little fact from the French presidential race.
  50. l’amour
    Married Man Fakes Airport Hijacking to Get Out of Trip With Online GirlfriendAh, love.
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