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  1. ch-ch-changes
    L.L. Bean Has Changed Its Famous Lifetime Return PolicyA dark day in New England.
  2. The 5 Things You Need to Make Winter Suck LessYes, it’s 85 degrees out now — but it won’t be forever.
  3. politics
    L.L. Bean CEO Reached Out to Employees Affected by Trump’s Travel BanAfter one of its board members donated to a pro-Trump political action committee.
  4. boycotts
    So What’s Going on With L.L. Bean and Trump?The latest brand to be embroiled in Trump-related controversy and a #GrabYourWallet boycott.
  5. winter is coming
    7 Alternatives to Those Sold-Out L.L. Bean BootsDon’t be one of the 100,000 losers waiting for back orders. 
  6. brain-dead fortnight
    Inside the Weird, Lovely World of L.L. Bean CommentersCome for the sweater talk, stay for the syrup debate.
  7. supply and demand
    L.L. Bean Is Fresh Out of Snow BootsRing the alarms of sorrow. 
  8. Chloë Sevigny’s Got ‘L.L. Bean Boat Totes for Days’Bow down to the monogram queen.
  9. hot shot
    Andrew Garfield Will Be Emma Stone’s L.L. Bean BoyfriendHe ordered the clothes, he just has to ready the canoe.
  10. loose threads
    Adriana Lima Books a Super Bowl Ad; Condé Nast Needs More SpacePlus, Christian Louboutin posed with some naked ladies to promote his new collaboration with cabaret house Crazy Horse.
  11. quack quack
    Let’s End 2011 on L.L. Bean Duck BootsHappy New Year, everybody!
  12. snomg
    Slideshow: 9 Snow-Into-Slush-Proof BootsFor obvious reasons.
  13. first looks
    The Pop-Up Flea Prep Bonanza Is Here in Nolita This WeekendYour prayers for the perfect vintage leather football have been answered!
  14. get manly
    The L.L. Bean Look Is So Hot for Men Right NowAs long as nothing you wear is actually by L.L. Bean.
  15. trendlet
    Slideshow: 33 Equestrian-Chic FindsYee-haw for riding boots, saddle bags, and expertly tailored jackets.
  16. tastemakers
    Alex Carleton Pairs Thrift-Store Flannels With YSLThe designer behind Rogues Gallery and L.L. Bean Signature discusses his latest collaboration, in this week’s Tastemaker.
  17. loose threads
    Donatella Versace to Return to the White House; Miss Sixty to Shutter Ten StoresAnd Chanel Iman’s mother opened her own clothing store.