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La La Land

  1. Why ‘Happily Ever After’ Isn’t Trendy AnymoreRomantic comedies aren’t what they used to be. Can Hollywood sense our growing exhaustion with finding ‘the one’?
  2. making faces
    What Was Everyone in the Oscars Audience Thinking When Moonlight Actually Won?Every kind of shock, from Meryl to the Rock.
  3. oscars 2017
    Twist! Moonlight Wins Best Picture After the Oscar Is Given to La La LandSend flowers to the family of whoever gave Warren Beatty the wrong envelope.
  4. la la land
    The Story of the Dress That Might Win La La Land the Costume OscarDesigner Mary Zophres tells the story behind Emma Stone’s iconic yellow dress.
  5. here's to the ones who dream
    Eva Mendes Came Up With One of La La Land’s Best LinesThe unsung hero of La La Land.
  6. golden globes 2017
    Emma Stone Made the Most Awkward Hug Attempt at the Golden Globes“That was weird, I’m sorry!”
  7. Ryan Gosling Just Proved He’s a Dream BoyfriendThis is really sweet.
  8. film
    La La Land Is a Musical Ode to Men Who Love Mansplaining JazzAt least Ryan Gosling is charming when he mansplains.
  9. textual relations
    Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone Texted ‘Notebook-Style’ Every Day for a YearIt is a womance that “transcends ugly stereotypes”… sort of.