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  1. skin deep
    This Skin Care Is Made of Platinum and StardustAnd it has many VIP fans.
  2. let’s makeup
    An Indulgent No-Makeup Makeup FoundationLa Prairie’s newest is made with caviar. Yes, caviar.
  3. getting ready with
    Getting Ready With the Queen of Brazilian BloggersHer fan base spans millions.
  4. vanities
    Inside a Beauty Editor’s Insane Skin-Care RoutineA minimum of 12 products.
  5. what the hell is
    Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Demystifies Strobing, the ‘New’ Contour“It’s the same thing as highlighting, but with a different name.”
  6. gift guide
    The Cut’s 2013 Luxe Beauty Gift GuideBeauty gifts to use in selfies and brag about on Instagram. 
  7. shine bright like a diamond
    Do Diamonds in Beauty Products Actually Offer Any Benefits? And most important, are they worth the hype? 
  8. the dedicated
    A New, Super Fancy Face Cream I ‘Had’ to TryThe promise of a new face cream makes my otherwise rational mind abandon reason.
  9. what would olivia pope do
    How Olivia Pope Handles Beauty and Nail Art“Olivia Pope doesn’t need to try too hard because she is Olivia Pope.” 
  10. selfish moments
    The Fanciest Two-in-One Eye-and-Lip-Balm CompactIngenious.
  11. obsessive tester
    Testing the World’s Most Luxurious Lipsticks Are any worth paying more than $50 for?
  12. Travel Beauty: The Maximalist vs. the MinimalistTwo different takes on packing a dopp kit for Paris Fashion Week.
  13. skin deep
    Melania Trump Invented Wrinkle Cream for HerselfBecause nothing else out there was working. 
  14. obsessive tester
    Clean Your Face Like the French DoWhich “cleansing water” works the best?
  15. beauty marks
    Hillary Clinton Brings Back the Headband; Are Man Buns a Trend?Also, oxygen is the “hottest” new ingredient in skin care, apparently.
  16. beauty marks
    Eucerin’s Parent Company Faces Financial Woes; Camilla Belle’s Updo Deemed ExcitingAlso, learn how to tame flyaways with a dryer fluff, and more major breaking beauty news.
  17. beauty marks
    Katy Perry Acts Like a Cat in Her New Fragrance Ads; Marion Cotillard Tries Blunt BangsAlso, Paul and Joe rolled out some retro-inspired holiday makeup, and La Prairie named a new president and chief executive officer.
  18. beauty marks
    The Tanning Tax Is Here; Bond No. 9 Introduces Two New FragrancesAlso, the cost of Miley Cyrus’s hair extensions might make you cry.