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  1. skin deep
    If Your Face Is Thirsty, Try Feeding It This Cleansing MilkAesop’s first milk cleanser is here and it’s moisturizing.
  2. lab rat
    This Tool Gives You Bouncy Salon HairMaybe don’t tell your hairstylist.
  3. lab rat
    This $10 Brush Set Will Turn You Into a Makeup ArtistYou’ll have sculpted cheeks in no time.
  4. lab rat
    Finally, a Non-Messy Body Scrub That’s Easy to UseThese Sugar Cubes are good enough to eat.
  5. lab rat
    This Is the Best New Sunscreen for WinterDon’t neglect your SPF just because it’s getting cold.
  6. lab rat
    This Weird Hippie Wash Will Stop Dry Skin Before It StartsIt is completely soap-free.
  7. lab rat
    The $10 Gizmo That’s Better Than a Trip to the Nail SalonIt saves money and time.
  8. lab rat
    Kim Kardashian’s Hairstylist Taught Me the Only Useful Thinning-Hairline TrickNo extensions, just a really cheap tool.
  9. lab rat
    The Next Great Concealer Is HereYou’ll never worry about dark circles again.
  10. lab rat
    Is This the Most Flattering Matte Lipstick on the Planet?Quite possibly.
  11. lab rat
    Glossier’s Oil Wash Will Make You Excited to Wake Up EarlyIt’s worth the hype.
  12. lab rat
    Is This Incredibly Popular Serum Actually Worth It?A bottle is sold every 15 seconds.
  13. lab rat
    My Favorite New Korean Cleanser Is Snowflake JellyIt’s weird, and I love it.
  14. lab rat
    The Best New Shampoo Is Made From Human HairBut it um, smells great.
  15. lab rat
    This Concealer Also Shrinks Your Massive ZitsIt was developed with the help of plastic surgeons.
  16. lab rat
    The One Item You Need for Impossibly Smooth SkinIt costs less than $30.
  17. lab rat
    An Insanely Useful Concealer Hack From Adele’s Makeup ArtistHow to make your makeup last longer.
  18. lab rat
    If Salma Hayek Tells You to Put a Smoothie on Your Face, Do ItHer new line of masks are also drinkable.
  19. lab rat
    The Best Foundation for Summer Comes Inside a Weird CheeseclothLightweight, opaque, and complete with SPF.
  20. lab rat
    I Can’t Believe I Ever Stopped Using This Magical Acne CreamThere is honestly nothing better.
  21. lab rat
    Here’s a Way to Reapply Sunscreen Without Ruining Your MakeupThe FDA says to reapply sunscreen every two hours.
  22. lab rat
    The Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin Is Also Pretty CheapIt dries matte within seconds.
  23. lab rat
    How to Buy Urban Decay’s New Insanely Flattering Naked Eye ShadowsIncluding swatches and reviews.
  24. lab rat
    A Mask That Fights Zits (and Dry Skin and Dullness and … )It was specifically designed for millennials.
  25. lab rat
    The Best Blush Is a Korean ‘Tension’ BlushIt’s cheap and delivers a dewy finish.
  26. lab rat
    This New Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Is Perfect for SummerAnd it’s available in a candy-colored collection.
  27. lab rat
    The Next Great Eyebrow Innovation Is HereMove over, microblading.
  28. lab rat
    Amber Rose’s Beauty Line Will Teach You How to Have FunShe’s the face of an exciting eyeliner.
  29. lab rat
    A Yellow Lipstick That Makes You the Most Interesting Person in the RoomDon’t worry; your lips won’t look neon.
  30. lab rat
    How to Get the Crazy-Smooth Lips That Are Everywhere on InstagramFor less than $20.
  31. lab rat
    Why Does Everyone Want This Crazy-Expensive Lotion?A small brand sold 2,000 bottles within 24 hours.
  32. lab rat
    Expensive Cleansers Are a Total Waste, Except for This OneMove over, Eve Lom.
  33. lab rat
    The Lip Liner That’s Replaced My LipstickBuxom’s Plumpline glides on like a balm, but stays put for hours.
  34. lab rat
    Tom Ford’s Famous $55 Lipstick Is Now More AffordableA new, smaller version is one of Tom Ford’s cheapest offerings to date.
  35. lab rat
    The Best Makeup Brush Is a Cheap, Rubbery DiscAnd it’s made by two guys.
  36. lab rat
    How to Reduce Stomach Bloat in One Simple Step(And still eat the crappy foods you love.)
  37. lab rat
    This $145 Hair Mask Is Worth Every PennyEspecially for dry, dull hair.
  38. lab rat
    These Socks Cure Dry Winter FeetThey’re a spa for your toes.
  39. lab rat
    Mariah Carey’s Ridiculous, Over-the-top Makeup CollectionYou can never have too much frosted lipstick, right?
  40. lab rat
    Will Sleeping in a Blood Cream Make You More Beautiful?Studies suggest blood may be a fountain of youth.
  41. Meet the New Crop of Affordable Makeup BrushesNot one is more than $35.
  42. lab rat
    How to Treat Eye Wrinkles With an Eye OilAn oil with ancient roots promises to keep under-eye skin in its prime.
  43. lab rat
    Someone Finally Created a Handwash That Won’t Dry Out Your SkinJust in time for cold-and-flu season.
  44. lab rat
    Stop Complaining About Your Dry Skin and Use This LotionThere’s a reason it’s a decades-old favorite.
  45. lab rat
    The Best Face Cleanser Is a Pile of DirtAnd it’s not cheap.
  46. lab rat
    The Best Affordable Concealer You’ve Never Heard OfA dark-under-eye circle solution that won’t break the bank.
  47. lab rat
    The Secret Weapon for Smooth Skin Is Really CheapThe U.K.’s cult “glow tonic” is now even more irresistible.
  48. lab rat
    The One Spray That Gives You Instant Big HairMeet the affordable alternative to extensions.
  49. lab rat
    Victoria’s Secret Is Launching a Genius Product to Lure You Back to StoresAnd why you’ll love it, too.
  50. lab rat
    Lupita Nyong’o’s Hairstylist Created a Revolutionary Curly Hair LineGet ready for spray conditioners.
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