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  1. Luxury Labels Are Sticking Microchips Inside Your ClothesOne small step towards a knockoff-free world.
  2. bisexuality
    Let People Coming Out Choose Their Labels ThemselvesSorry, Andrew Sullivan: Tom Daley can call himself whatever he wants.
  3. labels
    ‘New Study’ Shows People Love Expensive, Authentic Stuff“Our need for brand authenticity is a deep-seated human instinct.”
  4. campaign trail
    Me & City Made a Couple Out of Agyness Deyn and Orlando BloomWhere’s Miranda Kerr when you need her?
  5. dress code
    British ‘Vogue’ Disseminates the Horrors, Drama of Care LabelsThey’re big. They’re itchy. And when they stick out of clothes, it puts others in a very awkward position.