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Labor Issues

  1. politics
    China Frees Activists Investigating Ivanka Trump Shoe FactoryAs still more damning reports surface about conditions for workers there.
  2. politics
    Women Who Make Ivanka’s Clothes Don’t Even Earn Enough to Live With Their KidsSome of Ivanka’s clothing is made in Indonesia, where workers, the majority of whom are women, barely earn minimum wage.
  3. politics
    A Factory Used by Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Maker Underpaid WorkersThe Chinese factory systematically overworked and underpaid workers, an inspection found.
  4. nailed it
    Hundreds of Volunteers Gather to Educate Manicurists on Their Rights People distributed informational fliers at nearly 100 New York City subway stations this morning.
  5. rituals
    What Getting Your Nails Done Really MeansAnd why the manicure habit is so hard to break.