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Lagerfeld Confidential

  1. lagerfeld confidential
    Karl Lagerfeld Is the Subject of a French Tax ProbeHopefully Choupette avoids questioning.
  2. cliques
    A Who’s Who of Karl Lagerfeld’s EntourageCats, male models, and Diet Pepsi butlers.
  3. lagerfeld confidential
    Karl Lagerfeld, the Elle Woods of PerfumeryHe would probably endorse a scented résumé. 
  4. lagerfeld confidential
    Karl Lagerfeld on Lorde, Being a Control FreakAnd more pearls of wisdom from his Paris master class.
  5. run through
    Lagerfeld Discusses His Childhood in a New DocumentaryHe says, “When I asked [my mother] to tell me stories, she would say, ‘Learn to read.’” Aw!