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Laila Gohar

  1. day in the life
    Up on the Rooftop in Gohar WorldSisters Laila and Nadia Gohar launched a line of coolly unusual housewares with a party on a Rockefeller Center rooftop. Cue the doves.
  2. 3 New York Artists on the City That Inspires Them Living, working, and creating in NYC means something fundamentally different in 2021 than it has in the past.
  3. beans on beans
    In Quarantine, Beans Take Center StageWith coronavirus fears pervading, a pantry staple has become a new essential. Bean sales are up — way up.
  4. weddings
    Laila Gohar Had the Best Wedding of the Summer, Rode in on a DonkeyShe rode into the ceremony on a donkey.
  5. they seem cool
    The Culinary Genius Who Loves Ossie ClarkLaila Gohar creates “unique eating experiences” for some of the biggest names in fashion.