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  1. the nightmare of the 90s
    Landline Reminds Us of the Worst Hair Trend of the ’90s: The Butt CutThe year was 1995, and the butt cut was everywhere.
  2. the dream of the ‘90s
    Jenny Slate Is Just Like Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes in LandlineHer new movie is chock-full of mom jeans, pay phones, and complicated women.
  3. sundance
    5 Female-Centric Movies From Sundance You’ll Want to See ImmediatelyKeep your eyes peeled for these flicks — written, directed, and starring women — in the coming year.
  4. sundance film festival
    Jenny Slate’s New Film Redefines the Woman Who CheatsShe and Gillian Robespierre discussed their new film Landline at Sundance.