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  1. Has Social Media Changed How We Use Sarcasm?Wait, people are sarcastic on the internet? Shocking.
  2. Scientists Have Identified a Universal Nope FaceIts existence points to a key difference between animal communication and human language.
  3. like are you for real
    There’s an App to Get You to, Like, Talk BetterPolicing women’s speech pattern’s: Now in app form.
  4. sloth
    How Did the ‘Lazy Girl’ Take Over the Internet?A cliché that’s not what it seems.
  5. child development
    How Would the Ordeal in Room Affect a Kid in Real Life?It turns out kids are more adaptable than one might think.
  6. emails from a man
    Run a Man’s Email Through the Not Sorry Plug-InSurely the men could use some help with their emails, too.
  7. emotions
    Here’s the Science of the Happy CryBecause the geniuses at Oxford Dictionaries just chose the corresponding emoji as “word of the year.”
  8. language
    Using Big Words in Your Writing Is Not Impressing AnybodyMaybe it’s time to rethink that Thesaurus.com bookmark.
  9. language
    The Universality of the Word HuhA weird finding just won a weird-science prize. 
  10. bikes
    A Simple Change to Road Signs Could Help Cyclists and Drivers Finally Get AlongImproving relations by clarifying the rules of the road.
  11. documentaries
    A New Documentary Asks What It Means to ‘Sound Gay’A clip from David Thorpe’s Do I Sound Gay?
  12. language
    Can We Just, Like, Get Over the Way Women Talk?The problem with policing vocal tics.
  13. big words
    Wait, Cisgender Wasn’t in the Oxford English Dictionary Already?It’s a surprise to see it among gimmicky additions like sext and half-ass.
  14. nothing matters
    Futile Language Group Wants to Ban ‘Bae,’ ‘Swag,’ and ‘Foodie’The Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and Uselessness puts forward its 40th annual List of Words to be Banished. 
  15. language
    The Perks of Bickering in a Second Language¡Eres tan frustrante!
  16. language
    Introducing Dyslexie, a Font for Dyslexic PeopleIt’s designed to make reading easier for those with the disorder. 
  17. What Do You Really Mean When You Say ‘Basic Bitch’?Pumpkin-spice season is just an excuse for casual misogyny.
  18. child development
    Parents May Soon Have Brain-Boosting Baby ToysVideo from a new study shows how it will work.
  19. what’s in a name?
    ‘My Husband’ or ‘My Boo"? The Post-Wedding Code-Switch“My husband” or “my boo”? Call it the post-wedding code-switch.
  20. ovaries week
    Why Is It So Hard to Find a Good Word for Your Vagina?From vajayjay to lady-bits
  21. ovaries week
    What the 17th Century Can Teach Us About VaginasAn inside-out penis?
  22. charts
    Smelling Something Fishy Actually Makes People More SuspiciousAnd four more clichés that mean more than you think.
  23. babies
    Parents, Just Pretend Your Baby’s Babbling Makes SenseIt may help babies learn actual language more quickly.  
  24. language
    Metaphors Like ‘Clean’ and ‘Dirty’ Can Undermine Addiction RecoveryIt’s time to change the way we talk about drug and alcohol addiction.
  25. Sorry I’m Not Sorry I’m SorryThe word isn’t automatically a sign of weakness.
  26. People Who Say ‘Like’ All the Time Are Surprisingly ThoughtfulStudy finds a link between “speech fillers” and conscientiousness.
  27. Sarcasm-Detecting Software Doesn’t Exist, Would Be HelpfulThe Secret Service probably won’t be successful in its search for software that can detect sarcastic tweets.
  28. It’s Too Late. Exclamation Marks Are Unstoppable NowWhat was once reserved for joy or excitement is now simply polite. 
  29. language
    China’s Female Intellectuals Are Called ‘Mister’Xiansheng is used for brilliant women and any old dude. 
  30. mating behavior
    The 10 Ways That Men Text WomenA taxonomy of textual communication, some of which you probably recognize.
  31. age anxiety
    Old People Tweet Links, Young People Tweet ‘XD’Emoticons are the elixir of youth online.
  32. language
    Aussie Dictionary Redefines Misogyny to Include Male PoliticianSee what happens when you let women edit dictionaries!