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    Larry Nassar Was Stabbed in PrisonThe disgraced sports doctor is serving up to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing hundreds of gymnasts.
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    Larry Nassar Survivors Are Suing the FBIThe plaintiffs allege that the bureau failed to investigate Nassar even after receiving credible information about his crimes.
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    13 Larry Nassar Survivors Have Filed Claims Against the FBIThey are asking for $10 million each.
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    I Was a Therapist for Sex Offenders When I Realized: I Survived Larry NassarOn the anniversary of Nassar’s sentencing, one survivor reflects on the moment the truth hit her — and all the moments since.
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    Larry Nassar’s Survivors Reach a Historic SettlementMore than 500 gymnasts sexually abused by the former doctor were awarded $380 million.
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    Simone Biles Is ‘Still Scared to Do Gymnastics’The gymnast talked with Today about mental health, dropping out of the 2020 Olympics, and testifying against Larry Nassar.
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    Simone Biles Says the FBI ‘Turned a Blind Eye’ to Larry NassarTestifying in a Senate hearing, she blamed “an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse.”
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    Ex-U.S. Gymnastics Coach Dies by Suicide Amid Human-Trafficking ChargesJohn Geddert, long seen as Larry Nassar’s chief enabler, died by suicide shortly after the charges against him were announced.
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    Simone Biles Is a Plaintiff in the USA Gymnastics Sex Abuse CaseThe Team USA gymnast is among 140 of Larry Nassar’s victims suing the organization for failing to protect its athletes.
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    Larry Nassar’s Digital GhostsWhy wouldn’t YouTube remove a disturbing video of him with a young gymnast?
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    How Did Larry Nassar Deceive So Many for So Long?Everyone believed the predatory trainer who may have just brought down USA Gymnastics.
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    Former USA Gymnastics President Arrested for Allegedly Enabling Nassar’s AbuseSteve Penny is accused of hiding or destroying evidence of Larry Nassar’s widespread sexual abuse of young gymnasts.
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    Mary Bono Steps Down From Role As President of USA Gymnastics After Five DaysThe exit comes after both Simone Biles and Aly Raisman criticized her on Twitter.
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    Larry Nassar Raped and Impregnated a 17-Year-Old Student, Lawsuit SaysErika Davis says the assault happened in 1992, while she was seeking treatment for a field hockey injury.
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    Every ‘Fierce Five’ Gymnasts Has Now Claimed That Larry Nassar Abused ThemTwo more Olympic medal–winning gymnasts have revealed that the disgraced doctor sexually abused them.
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    Larry Nassar Was Attacked in Prison, Claims His AttorneyHis attorney is also arguing that the judge who presided over Nassar’s case emboldened inmates to attack him.
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    140 Sexual Abuse Survivors United to Accept a Courage Award TogetherThey were all victims of doctor Larry Nassar.
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    Emails Reveal How USA Gymnastics Covered for Larry Nassar: Report“Can we just say that I am sick?”
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    Michigan State Will Pay $500 Million to More Than 300 Larry Nassar SurvivorsThe school has finally reached a settlement.
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    Larry Nassar Sexual-Abuse Survivors to Receive 2018 ESPYS Courage Award“By honoring this group who spoke out, we aim to honor all of those who are survivors of abuse.”
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    MSU Reportedly Monitored Nassar Victims’ Social-Media AccountsThe university allegedly paid a PR firm over $500,000 in January to track social-media activity surrounding the Larry Nassar case.
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    Larry Nassar Accused of Sexual Abuse by Male GymnastJacob Moore, 18, is the first male athlete to come forward with allegations against Nassar.
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    Gymnast Aly Raisman Sues the U.S. Olympic Committee Over Larry Nassar Sex Abuse“I refuse to wait any longer for these organizations to do the right thing.”
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    Former U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Coach Facing Criminal InvestigationJohn Geddert had a close relationship with ex–USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.
  25. 7 Quotes From New Nassar Accusers Ahead of His Sentencing“You manipulated me and my entire family. How dare you?”
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    Ex–USA Gymnastics Doctor Gets Another Prison Sentence in Sex-Abuse CaseThe disgraced former physician received his third prison sentence.
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    It Took the FBI a Year to Investigate the Larry Nassar CaseAnd 27 women and girls allege they were molested during that time.
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    America Failed Its GymnastsThe sport has changed, but not enough.
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    Father of 3 Sex-Abuse Victims Lunges at Ex–USA Gymnastics Doctor in CourtRandall Margraves was tackled by bailiffs and escorted out of the courtroom.
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    Simone Biles Opens Up About Ex–USA Gymnastics Doctor’s Sexual-Abuse Sentencing“It’s very hard for someone to go through what I’ve gone through recently.”
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    Aly Raisman Opens Up About Her Powerful Testimony in Sex-Abuse Case“He deserves to suffer.”
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    Judge in USA Gymnastics Abuse Case Absolutely Eviscerated Larry NassarJudge Rosemarie Aquilina told Nassar, “I just signed your death warrant.”
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    Ex–USA Gymnastics Doctor Sentenced to Up to 175 Years in Prison for Sex AbuseLarry Nassar received a prison sentence of 40 to 175 years for sexual abuse after more than 140 women and girls came forward.
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    NCAA Investigating Michigan State for Handling of USA Gymnastics CaseAccording to NCAA rules, schools are required to keep athletes safe.
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    Teen Says She’s Getting Billed for Appointments With Ex-USA Gymnastics DoctorEmma Ann Miller, 15, testified that her family is still getting billed for appointments during which she was sexually abused by Dr. Larry Nassar.
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    Read Gymnast Aly Raisman’s Scathing Statement to Her AbuserShe delivered her victim impact statement at ex-USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing.
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    Most Powerful Testimony From USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar HearingAly Raisman, McKayla Maroney, and others speak out about the former USA Gymnastics doctor who has been accused of abusing over 130 women.
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    McKayla Maroney Confronts Ex–USA Gymnastics Doctor in Court“He left scars on my psyche that may never go away,” she said.
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    Gymnast McKayla Maroney Won’t Be Fined for Speaking Out About Sexual AbuseUSA Gymnastics said they won’t penalize the athlete for sharing her story.
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    Chrissy Teigen Offers to Pay NDA Fine After This Gymnast Speaks Out About AbuseTeigen said she’d cover the $100,000 fine McKayla Maroney reportedly faces for speaking out.
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    This Olympic Gymnast Says She, Too, Was Abused by Former Team DoctorShe joins over 140 patients, mostly former gymnasts, who say they were abused by him.
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    McKayla Maroney Says USA Gymnastics Forced Her to Keep QuietAbout sexual abuse by team doctor Larry Nassar.
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    Ex–USA Gymnastics Doctor Sentenced to 60 Years in Jail for Child Porn“This problem is bigger than Larry Nassar. Those who looked the other way need to be held accountable too,” Aly Raisman wrote to the judge.
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    Former USA Gymnastics Doctor Pleads Guilty to Sex Abuse After Athletes Speak OutDr. Larry Nassar faces at least 25 years in prison.
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    Gabby Douglas Says She Was Abused by USA Gymnastics DoctorThe gymnast shares her experience in a new Instagram post.
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    Gold Medalist Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by USA Gymnastics DoctorThe Olympic gold medalist is the latest gymnast to speak out against Larry Nassar.
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    McKayla Maroney Says She Was Assaulted by USA Gymnastics DoctorThe Olympian said she was repeatedly molested by Dr. Larry Nassar, beginning when she was 13.
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    Former Gymnasts Testify About Doctor’s Sexual AbusePreliminary hearings have begun in the case against Larry Nassar.
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    Ex–USA Gymnastics CEO Delays Assault Deposition So He Can Party at the Indy 500Just guess where these networking events are.
  50. 3 Former Olympic Gymnasts Just Gave Chilling Public Accounts of Sexual Abuse▶️ More than 100 women have come forward to accuse a USA Gymnastics physician of sexual abuse.
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