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  1. election 2016
    Samantha Bee Will Be The Jon Stewart Of the Trump YearsWhile the men of fake news tend to affect a network-anchor posture, Bee fights like someone with real skin in the game.
  2. Comedian Aparna Nancherla on Sad Girl Twitter, Period Tech, and Vocal FryThe comedian has a new season of Womanhood coming out soon.
  3. cut cover story
    Smirking in the Boys’ Room With Samantha BeeShe’s about to become the first female host of a late-night satirical news show. She wants to make damn sure she’s not the last.
  4. quotables
    Why Are Late-Night Shows a Total Sausage-Fest??Amy Schumer explains it all.
  5. interview
    Do We Really Need Another White Guy Talk Show?Chatting with co-host Grace Parra.
  6. developmental stages
    Kat Dennings Had a Wednesday Addams PhaseDidn’t we all?