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Laura Mercier

  1. the beauty of it all
    Laura Mercier Thinks Skin Should GlowTalking to the original celebrity makeup artist.
  2. let’s makeup
    Here’s Laura Mercier’s New Limited-Edition Highlighter PaletteThree of the brand’s best shades, combined.
  3. beauty gif
    How to Look Amazing in Under 10 MinutesA makeup artist’s everyday skin routine.
  4. Here’s the Easiest New Lipstick in the WorldLipstick for dummies. 
  5. true stories
    How I Became a Hoarder of Discontinued MakeupWhen Laura Mercier stopped making my favorite foundation, I went insane.
  6. going green
    Green Eyeliner Will Totally Change Your LookHere’s how to try it and not be a green-eyed monster.
  7. obsessive tester
    How to Find Your Foundation Soul Mate: Testing 8 New VarietiesTwo editors test eight new formulas. 
  8. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: How to ‘Tightline’ Your EyesThe Invisibility Cloak of eyeliners.
  9. up close and personal
    Jon Hamm Shaves Three Times a DayThanks to Mad Men’s makeup artist, you now know about the beauty rigors of living with Jon Hamm.
  10. gif tutorial
    GIF Lesson: A Smoky Eye That Isn’t a Black Eye The trick is blending browns and silvers.
  11. before and after
    Keri Russell’s Anti–Jane Austen Beauty RoutineShe’s nothing like her character in Austenland.
  12. backseat beauty
    The Best Makeup Kit for the Morning After A complexion palette — foundation, powder, and concealer in one — that’s the size of one and a half iPhones.
  13. happy valentine’s day
    The Sex-Proof Face: How to Apply Makeup TonightProfessional tips from a makeup artist in the adult-film industry.
  14. faking it
    How to Fake a Fresh-From-Vacation Makeup Look Red lipstick has no place here.
  15. happy new year
    The New Year’s Eve–Proof FaceMakeup tips from five top artists.
  16. this is how you do it
    How to Re-create Anne Hathaway’s ‘Naked Eye’Her makeup artist breaks down her latest red-carpet go-to look.
  17. obsessive tester
    Which Concealer Is Best for Trouble Spots?We tried out nine, and only one is great for both the under-eye area and blemishes.
  18. holidaze
    The Cut Holiday Eye Guide: Liquid Liner TutorialIt’s dramatic cat-eye season, but here’s how to do it yourself at home.
  19. lunchtime beauty q&a
    Lunchtime Beauty Q&A: Is a ‘Face Mist’ Better Than Using Water?Plus, why a spritz of Evian mineral water will dry out your skin.
  20. the eyes have it
    Beautygram: Gilded Eyes at MarchesaGold on the clothes, gold on the face.
  21. beauty marks
    Cost of Plastic Surgery; Mascara Is Favorite Plus, Peony Lim shares her hair-care tips.
  22. beauty marks
    The Academy Nominations for Best Makeup; Sunblock Unpopular With TweensPlus, see Anna Sui’s latest fragrance ad, and more beauty news.
  23. beauty marks
    Solange Knowles’s Headband Error; Burberry’s Grunge-Chic HairAlso, Viktor & Rolf have a secret new fragrance in the works, and Laura Mercier sold her home for more than $8 million.