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  1. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Red-carpet Hits and Misses at MTV Movie AwardsFor some red-carpet looks, not even a moon man is honor enough. Here are our awards for the evening’s standouts.
  2. head for the hills
    The Hills: How to Get Lauren to the Princess WeddingAs our mom always says, “It’s not about the wedding, it’s about the marriage.” Amen. Good luck with that, Heidi.
  3. head for the hills
    The Hills: Heidi and Spencer Get Engaged. Obviously.Watching this unfold is especially weird since we already saw pics from the wedding.
  4. people who do nothing for a living
    Lauren Conrad’s Novel a Possibly Epic Hills CatharsisIt’s based on her life on ‘The Hills.’ Also, why she apparently hated the show so much.
  5. head for the hills
    Even Lauren Finds The Hills ExhaustingYou get the feeling that our heroine finds all of her “friends” rather annoying.
  6. head for the hills
    No Amount of Therapy Can Save The HillsIn this week’s episode, Heidi and Spencer continue seek help, but pretty much everyone in the cast could use professional treatment.
  7. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Whitney Port’s Line Might Outlast Its PeersWe’re not saying Whitney Eve is a diamond, but it’s something tolerable in the celebrity-fashion-line trough.
  8. beauty marks
    Get a Hills-ian Pedicure, Earth Day Beauty BonanzasThe FDA recalls non-FDA-approved diet pills. We’re shocked.
  9. people who do nothing for a living
    Lauren Conrad Foists Her Clothing Line on Us Again, This Time at Kohl’sAnd we were foolish enough to think her clothing line wouldn’t return for another year. Sigh.
  10. head for the hills
    Justin-Bobby Reminds Us That Life Is So Short on The HillsThankfully, MTV did not spare us this week from Justin-Bobby’s wisdom.
  11. head for the hills
    Kelly Cutrone Returns to The Hills, Heidi Furthers WomankindLast night marked the return of two very important characters: Kelly Cutrone and our favorite bit player, Lauren’s Mustache.
  12. cover girls
    Attention Cash-strapped Monthlies: Don’t Put Nicole Kidman on the CoverShe’s among the worst-selling cover girls of 2008.
  13. head for the hills
    Spencer Fights, Heidi Shakes, The Hills Never EndsSpencer and Heidi have a fight. The world doesn’t stop! Neither do our recaps. Read all about last night’s double episode.
  14. people who do nothing for a living
    Lauren Conrad Forced to React to Fake Scenarios for The HillsMore evidence has surfaced that this reality show isn’t real.
  15. people who do nothing for a living
    Wait — Drama on The Hills Is Fabricated?And that is why Lauren Conrad is so glad the season premiering tonight will be her last.
  16. people who do nothing for a living
    Lauren Conrad Says Her Clothing Line Will ReturnShe has granted us just a year of freedom.
  17. people who do nothing for a living
    Lauren Conrad’s Clothing Line Is No MoreBut word is she’s planning a new, higher-end line.
  18. head for the hills
    Lauren Conrad Is Leaving The HillsProducers say she wants to lead a more private life. Yeah. RIGHT.
  19. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Forecasting the Final Season of The Hills From a Single TrailerFrom a two-and-a-half-minute trailer, we can predict what will come in the fifth and final season of ‘The Hills.’
  20. loose threads
    Gianfranco Ferré Plans Men’s Collection; Kanye to Attend the Men’s ShowsAlso David gave Posh a $122,000 handbag and Lauren Conrad’s resort ad is out.
  21. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Ten Things We Learned From Celeb Fashion in 2008Lessons gleaned from jumpsuits, ill-advised facial hair, and the sartorial machinations of Solange Knowles.
  22. head for the hills
    The Hills Shows How to Shotgun Your WeddingThis week, Spencer lures Heidi into a scary-sounding marriage, and Whitney finally — finally — leaves for New York.
  23. head for the hills
    Whitney Vacantly Begins Her Move From The HillsPlus: Spencer’s a jerk, Stephanie’s clueless, and Lauren’s overemotional. You know, your typical episode.
  24. head for the hills
    The Hills Learns About Trust and We Learn About NanaAudrina and Lauren pretend to patch things up, and we meet the woman indirectly responsible for Spencer and Stephanie’s existence.
  25. head for the hills
    Audrina Freaks, Lauren Cries, and The Hills DeliversAfter a lackluster season, ‘The Hills’ delivers a screechy, mascara-ruining episode. Thank God.
  26. head for the hills
    The Hills Gives Us a Quickie Existential CrisisNow that they’ve announced a fifth season, will we be recapping this nonsense forever? Actually, don’t answer that.
  27. head for the hills
    Lauren Conrad Taps Into Her Favored Market: Sorority GirlsLast weekend marked the last stop of her national college tour, where she sent 300 Bostonians into a tizzy with her appearance.
  28. head for the hills
    ‘The Hills’ to Return for Fifth SeasonAnd Lauren Conrad to remain inexplicably, massively famous. Sigh.
  29. head for the hills
    The Hills Gives Us the Male-Model Action We DeserveThis week’s episode brings us back to sweet little Whitney — who’s picking up dudes in crappy NYC bars.
  30. head for the hills
    The Hills Unemployment Rate on the RiseThat’s right: Someone loses her fake job this week! But it’s not the recession that does her in: It’s tequila.
  31. over the hills
    Whitney Port Channels Lauren Conrad, Wants to ‘Help People’Which is why she signed on to star in ‘Hills’ spinoff ‘The City’!
  32. head for the hills
    The Hills Will Pretty Much Always Be There for YouAudrina’s totally, completely, 100 percent done with Justin Bobby. Riiiiight.
  33. head for the hills
    Video: Letterman Prompts Lauren Conrad to Question Her IdiocyHe also suggests she’s the reason no one gets along on ‘The Hills’.
  34. head for the hills
    The Hills Relocates to CaboIn this week’s episode, the gang hops on their private jet and heads down to a mansion in Cabo — a lush new setting for the same old drunken drama.
  35. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Dumpster Diving at Lauren Conrad’s Fashion ShowWe’d love to report on the ‘Hills’ star’s latest collection, but getting in was a PR disaster.
  36. head for the hills
    Audrina Heats Up The HillsIn this week’s episode, our supporting heroine takes center stage by going topless. Of course.
  37. beauty marks
    Courtney Cox Has a Love-Hate Relationship With BotoxAlso, a new trend is sweeping through shoe boutiques in Paris, and marshmallows are good for hair.
  38. head for the hills
    The Hills Needs a Peace AccordIn this week’s episode, Heidi makes an earnest plea for reconciliation with Lauren. You can imagine how that went over.
  39. head for the hills
    Stephanie and Doug Are the Center of The Hills UniverseAnd their (not so) secret lust for one another grosses us out.
  40. head for the hills
    Lauren Ditches The Hills — and We Are Entertained!L.C. is vacationing in Italy, which means the supporting characters are running the show this week. And? It’s actually good.
  41. fashion yearbook
    Judging the Frocks at the Emmy AwardsThere were some stunners (Julia Louis-Dreyfus!), bummers (Eva Longoria’s bow!), and a token crazy (Phoebe Price!).
  42. over the hills
    ‘Hills’ Spoiler: Audrina Moves Out of Lauren’s HouseDon’t worry, ‘Hills’ camera crews were on the scene, too.
  43. head for the hills
    The Hills Knows No Economic DramaAnother week, another head trip into the un-reality of Lauren Conrad’s world.
  44. when celebrities design
    Lauren Conrad’s Emmy Dress Will Match the Trophy Girl’sConrad says they’re made from the same fabric but different colors.
  45. over the hills
    Lauren Conrad to Write Books for TweensShe’ll pen a three-book young-adult series called ‘L.A. Candy.’
  46. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Lauren Conrad Breaks the Cool Barrier at Nanette LeporeSince when do people show they care about celebrities at Fashion Week?
  47. head for the hills
    Hills Doubleheader: Audrina and Lauren Finally Talk, OMG.In this week’s second episode, the girls get the mascara all over the place. Obviously.
  48. head for the hills
    A Double Dose of The HillsMTV blessed us twice as much this week, especially in giving us a blowout “let’s totally implode in Vegas” episode.
  49. west coast fashion
    L.A. Fashion Week Just Might Turn A-ListFashion Week producer IMG is breaking with its five-year sponsor Smashbox Studios.
  50. siriano files
    Christian Siriano to Dress Emmy Trophy GirlHe’ll dress one, and Lauren Conrad will dress another.
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