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  1. celebrity politicians
    This Law & Order: SVU Star Is Running for CongressDiane Neal (a.k.a. Casey Novak) is running for a New York congressional seat.
  2. law and order
    Casey Anthony ‘Sleeps Pretty Good At Night’ 6 Years After Murder TrialAmerica’s “most hated mom” speaks out about her daughter’s murder for the first time.
  3. law and order
    This Rape Bill Will Close the Loophole That Let Brock Turner Off So EasilyBrock Turner will be released from jail this Friday.
  4. law and order
    Bill Cosby’s Wife Will Be Deposed in Defamation CaseThe deposition is scheduled to occur February 22.
  5. law and order
    Judge Dismisses Taylor Swift Lawsuit Using Taylor Swift LyricsSome people will go so far for a chance to join the squad.
  6. it’s science
    Law and Order Viewers Are Better at Understanding ConsentA new study found a correlation between watching Law and Order and decreased rape myth acceptance.
  7. law and order
    Beyoncé, Kanye, and Jay Z Are Suing a French T-Shirt LabelSo are Rihanna and Pharrell.