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  1. college admissions scandal
    Think of How Exhausting It Must Be to Be Olivia Jade’s LawyersIt’s her family’s meltdown and she’ll do a middle finger if she wants to!
  2. lawyer.com
    Lindsay Lohan Wants to Help Donald Trump Find a New LawyerThe Lawyer.com spokesperson is going after a prospective client.
  3. divorce
    Matt Lauer’s Wife Is Reportedly Meeting With High-Powered LawyersAnnette Roque appears to be considering moving forward with divorce.
  4. resistance
    The Attorneys Fighting Trump’s Immigration Ban at Airports Around the CountryWomen are taking the lead in the fight against Trump.
  5. women at work
    American Bar Association Moves to Ban Sexist Remarks in CourtroomsFemale lawyers say they too often face harassment while they’re trying to do their jobs.
  6. television
    Why Legal Shows Have Such Fascinating Female CharactersBenched is the latest example of a fascinating genre.
  7. uniforms
    Female Lawyers Have Most Confusing Dress CodeSkirts preferred, hoops okay, no pink.
  8. not having it all
    Female Lawyers Look Back 12 YearsIt gets real heavy on having it all.
  9. tips
    163-Point Memo Explains How to Be a Lawyer While FemaleIt is law.
  10. having it all
    Women Allowed to Be Doctors, Lawyers NowStill not allowed to make partner.