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  1. animals
    I Too Want to Remain in One Spot for 7 YearsTake inspiration from the world’s laziest cave lizard.
  2. Giving a Memorable Job Interview Is a Lot Like DatingThe interviewer wants someone who’s just like them.
  3. millennial lifestyles
    Millennials Literally Too Lazy to Eat CerealWe like food that doesn’t require dishes.
  4. sloth
    How Did the ‘Lazy Girl’ Take Over the Internet?A cliché that’s not what it seems.
  5. productivity
    The 5-Minute Trick Can Make You Less LazySometimes you have to trick yourself into getting stuff done. 
  6. advice
    Give Yourself a ‘Should-less’ DayAn Academy Award–winning actress makes the case for complete and utter laziness.