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  1. Cecile Richards Almost Didn’t Interview for Her Job at Planned ParenthoodThe Planned Parenthood president said self-doubt almost kept her from the most important role in her career.
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    How Do You Manage an Out-of-Control, Self-Destructive Boss Like Donald Trump?If Trump is your boss, you’ve got a few options — but none of them is great.
  3. The Secret to Being a Better Leader: See and Hear OthersStop making this about you.
  4. Soon, There Won’t Be Any Black Women in Charge of America’s Largest CompaniesUrsula Burns will step down from Xerox.
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    1 in 4 Americans Work for Companies With No Women in ManagementMany also believe that we are more likely to colonize Mars than to have women occupy half of Fortune 500 CEO jobs. 
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    Roger Goodell Should Read This New Study on Leadership and EmpathyIf you can’t take others’ perspectives, your reign at the top may be a short one.