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  1. secrets secrets are no fun
    Am I the Only One Who Didn’t Know This Secret About Wrap Dresses?A tantalizing fact, withheld from one woman for many years.
  2. sleep
    It May Actually Be Possible to Learn in Your SleepThose language tapes are still a scam, though.
  3. How Taking Photos Affects Your Memory of the Moment Later OnIt’s not always helpful.
  4. science of us
    How Taking Photos Affects Your Memory of the Moment Later OnIt’s not always helpful.
  5. science of us
    How Thinking Like a Little Kid Can Keep You Sharp As You AgeAs we get older, we focus more on specialized knowledge than broader learning. A new paper argues that’s slowing us down.
  6. science of us
    Researchers Are Starting to Figure Out ‘Eureka!’ MomentsThey learned a lot by tracking people’s eyes and decisions as they played a game and discovered its optimal strategy.
  7. attention
    ‘Pre-Questions’ Could Make It Easier for Online Videos to Teach People StuffWith so many demands on everyone’s attention, it can be hard to actually learn anything from online videos. This idea might help, though.
  8. memory
    How the Brains of ‘Memory Athletes’ Are DifferentAs is so often the case in neuroscience, it has to do with connections between different brain areas.
  9. The Best Way to Answer Kids When They Ask ‘Why?’If you don’t satisfy their teleological needs, they’re just going to ask again.
  10. science of us
    To Truly Learn Something, Study Until You’ve Mastered It — and Then Keep GoingThe advantages of “overlearning.”
  11. teens
    There’s Another Big Window for Learning After ChildhoodYour brain keeps changing.
  12. You Can Be Lazy and Learn a New Language at the Same TimeThere are times when it’s best to put down the Duolingo.
  13. science of us
    Use This Strategy to ‘Stress-Proof’ Your MemoryA new study offers a suggestion for how to avoid choking under pressure.
  14. science of us
    Your Memory Is Not Like a Computer’s“For our computers, every unit of information is created equal … In our brain memories, that’s not true at all.”
  15. It Seems That ‘Learning Styles’ Are Probably a MythAnd yet the idea sure feels like it makes sense.
  16. Teen Brains Are Primed for Learning From LifeTeens combine memory processes that adults keep separate, which is nuts.
  17. Today in Terrifying Bird News, Pigeons Know How to ReadA new study echoes how humans learned the same skill.
  18. How YouTube How-To Videos Hack the Way Humans Learn“YouTube is catnip for our social brains.”
  19. The Internet Isn’t Making Us Dumber — It’s Making Us More ‘Meta-Ignorant’We’re less aware of how much we don’t know.
  20. Losing Your Keys Is a Painful Reminder of How Memory Really WorksAlso: “Well, where did you last see them?” is the dumbest question.
  21. Kids’ ‘Failure Mind-sets’ Come From How You Worry About ThemAre you teaching them to always compare themselves to their peers? Or to, like, learn stuff?
  22. learning
    The Downside of Allowing Cell Phones in SchoolsAllowing cell phones in classrooms could lead to a big dip in academic performance, particularly for students who already struggle.
  23. learning
    Is It Nature or Nurture That Makes Kids Love School?The authors of a big new study of twins think many people are wrong about the influence of home and school environments.
  24. babies
    Babies Learn More When Something Surprises ThemSurprising babies: both adorable and educational.
  25. Personality Matters More Than Intelligence at SchoolNews for anyone who thinks they did well in school because they were “smart.” 
  26. video games
    Playing Action Video Games May Make You SmarterTime for some Call of Duty, Einstein.
  27. learning
    Why You Should Want Your Kid to Be a Slow LearnerSkills come from struggle.
  28. learning
    Want to Absorb New Information Better? Teach It to Someone ElseStudents in an experiment appeared to do a better job learning when they thought they’d have to teach the material in question later on.
  29. Practice May Not Be As Important As People ThinkA new study suggests it doesn’t account for all that much of the differences in skill levels between people.
  30. Highlighting Won’t Help You Remember AnythingIt’s time you learned how to learn. 
  31. it’s getting better
    Obama Administration Curious About BisexualityThe White House will host its first-ever discussion of bisexual issues.