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Legal Issues

  1. red tape
    Court Declares Man Who Ghosted Wife DeadEven though he’s very much alive and appeared in court to prove it.
  2. legal issues
    Amanda Bynes Has Been Given Control Back Over Her FinancesGood news.
  3. strike
    If You’re Planning to Strike for Women’s Day, Here Are Your Legal Rights“A Day Without a Woman” isn’t your typical strike.
  4. lawsuits
    Discrimination Lawsuit Against Prada Japan DismissedFor now, at least.
  5. bar brawls
    New Accusations Surface in Pierre Casiraghi’s Nightclub BrawlThe club owner says that Casiraghi and Restoin-Roitfeld were “visibly intoxicated.”
  6. ballsy lawsuits
    Model Would Prefer Not to ‘Rev Up Your Love Life’So she filed a $23 million lawsuit.
  7. disco trademarks
    Even Lady Gaga Can’t Stop Gaga Pure PlatinumThat’s saying a lot.
  8. legal issues
    Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison Are Trying To Reclaim the Rights to Their Brand Name [Updated]Things are getting complicated.
  9. legal issues
    George Clooney Won His Court Case Against That Fraudulent Clothing LineWoe to those who make bad photoshop pictures of him wearing jean shorts.
  10. copyfights
    Copyright Protection for Fashion Design Comes One Step Closer to Becoming LawA bill that would protect high-fashion designers from knockoffs passed unanimously in the Senate Judiciary Committee today.
  11. model tracker
    Guess What Models Earn for Appearing in Vogue and H&M Ads?One pays $250 for a job, the other pays $60,000.
  12. legal issues
    Dolce & Gabbana IndictedIt’s unclear if the designers will stand trial.
  13. legal issues
    Dolce & Gabbana Might Go to TrialThe worst-case outcome is a three-year prison sentence and $1 billion fine.
  14. legal issues
    George Clooney to Italian Court: ‘I Don’t Wear Long Jean Shorts’Thank GAWD.
  15. legal issues
    George Clooney to Go to Court Over Fraudulent Clothing LineOver two years ago, an Italian company falsely claimed he was launching a clothing collection.
  16. stick with the bunny
    Alexander McQueen May Sue CadburyThey did the floating-lady thing first.
  17. legal issues
    Barneys Co-op Draws Ire for Its NameThe Park Slope Food Coop is considering taking Barneys to court over its “misuse” of the word.
  18. legal issues
    Prada Responds to Discrimination Complaints in JapanA Japanese court has ruled the employee in question’s termination “perfectly legitimate.”
  19. legal issues
    J.Crew Accused of Discriminating Against Potential Transgender EmployeesA transgender applicant was recently treated “brusquely” at the Fifth Avenue store.
  20. busted
    NYPD Cracks Down on 31 Canal Street Knockoff ShopsInterestingly enough, the presence of cops did not scare away the handbag whisperers. You know who we mean.
  21. barely legal
    American Apparel to Lose 10 Percent of WorkforceDov Charney is literally crying over this.
  22. embattled publicists
    Marc Jacobs Publicist Faces ExtraditionHis condo was allegedly bought with stolen funds.
  23. scandale!
    Lindsay Lohan Sued for Stealing Tanning-Spray FormulaShe couldn’t get away with claiming to be an expert chemist for long.
  24. scandale!
    1,800 American Apparel Workers Could Be DeportedNo wonder they’ve been a longtime advocate of immigration reform.
  25. tyra mail
    Tyra Banks’s Stalker ConvictedHe faces no jail time but must find a new place to live.
  26. tyra mail
    Tyra Banks Bravely Faces Alleged Stalker in CourtShe’s afraid to even go for a jog without security guards at her side.
  27. loose threads
    More Legal Troubles for Forever 21; Karl Lagerfeld Heads to MoscowAlso, Speidi got married this weekend and Spencer looked confused.
  28. epic battles
    Louis Vuitton Takes Google to CourtThey don’t like how when you Google ‘Louis Vuitton’ counterfeit Vuitton bags come up.
  29. copyfights
    Michael Kors Embroiled in Trademark-Infringement SuitHis resort collection was inspired by Tony Duquette, but the Duquette brand thinks he took it a little too far.
  30. rumormongering
    Doletskaya’s Dark(ish) Past?The Russian ‘Vogue’ editor — Anna Wintour’s heir apparent — might have more than Balmain in her closet.
  31. scandals
    Roberto Cavalli Finally Cleared of Tax-Evasion ChargesIn 2002 Cavalli was accused of putting $3.2 million in remodeling charges for his grand Tuscan villa on his company’s books.
  32. scandals
    Marc Jacobs International Pays $1 Million to Resolve Bribery ScandalThe company allegedly paid the former superintendent of the space they hold their fashion shows bribes in excess of $35,000.
  33. Victoria’s Secret and Phat Farm Settle Trademark DisputePhat Fashions sued the lingerie giant in March since the logo for Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line was too close to theirs for comfort.
  34. crime and punishment
    Designer Anand Jon Convicted of RapeThe maximum sentence is life in prison.
  35. bra police
    Victoria’s Secret Bras May Contain Formaldehyde, Cause BlistersA class-action suit against the bra giant could be brewing.
  36. political style
    When Will Sarah Palin’s Clothes Go to Charity?Probably not until Republican National Committee lawyers examine them.
  37. that gucci’s so scandalous
    Gucci Embroiled in ‘Spy Scandal’Apparently a former employee is suspected of breaking into secret files and wiretapping.
  38. make it work
    Lifetime Enters the ‘Project Runway’ Lawsuit, Delays Air Date FurtherWe thought the show would return to the air next summer, but now it could take even longer.
  39. knock-offs
    Louis Vuitton Wins $3.5 Million in Counterfeit SuitA company tried to register an “LY” logo that looked similar to their “LV” logo.
  40. Nike Sues Wal-Mart for Copying SneakersWal-Mart’s Shox sneakers are nearly identical in design to Nike’s Shox footwear.
  41. skirt alert
    Uganda Wants to Ban MiniskirtsA government official says they cause traffic accidents.
  42. crime and punishment
    Former Tommy Hilfiger Executive Pleads Guilty to TheftMartin Boder admitted to stealing more than $19 million from the company.
  43. crime and punishment
    Kanye West Arrested!He allegedly smashed paparazzi cameras at LAX airport this morning.
  44. body issues
    Posh Sues Over Diet-Pill Allegations’Now’ magazine reported her sister used to smuggle them to L.A. from the U.K.
  45. loose threads
    Zara Is World’s Largest Retailer; Kate Moss to Wed in Ireland?Also, Tiffany’s appeals the eBay case ruling, and Du Juan is the first Chinese model to bear the Olympic torch.
  46. loose threads
    Ralph Lauren Dodges Retirement Speculation; LVMH Gets Record Counterfeiting PayoutPlus: An auction of hip-hop’s “crown jewels,” Diesel opens big in Brazil while feeding artsy New Yorkers, and vintage Levi’s sell for $36K.
  47. loose threads
    Phoebe Philo Might Be In at Celine; DKNY Does MenswearAlso Cartier sues DKNY, Viktor & Rolf will hit the Hamptons this summer, and Cindy McCain shows more cleavage.
  48. run through
    Sony to Pay Louis Vuitton for Past Britney, Da Brat VideosSony BMG used Louis Vuitton’s trademark pattern in videos and on CDs by Spears, Da Brat, and Ruben Studdard, and now they have to pay!
  49. loose threads
    Man Convicted in Gucci Stock-Fraud Scandal; Sean Avery Dates a CougarAlso, Dolce & Gabbana needs a new president, Ashton Kutcher lands a Pepe jeans campaign, and Behati’s got a new music video.
  50. loose threads
    Tory Burch Seeks Investor; CK’s Steamy Underwear-Shoot OuttakesAlso, Calvin Klein menswear will walk in New York in February, Giorgio Armani designs a bullfighting outfit, and Janice Dickinson flashes.
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