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  1. always shopping
    23 Leggings for Any Type of WorkoutBecause leggings can make or break a workout.
  2. always shopping
    13 Plus-Size Leggings for All OccasionsWhether you’re working out or hanging out.
  3. always shopping
    12 Best Pairs of Leggings for Running in the WinterWe spoke with runners to round up the warmest leggings so you don’t have to.
  4. recommendations
    These Leggings May Ruin Your LifeWomen say LuLaRoe sold them a lie. A new docuseries explores the MLM’s rise and spectacular implosion.
  5. just a thought
    Can I Wear Leggings to Work?I joined history to investigate.
  6. power
    Woman Begs World to Shield Her 4 Catholic Sons From Legging-Clad Butts“I’m just a Catholic mother of four sons with a problem that only girls can solve: leggings.”
  7. animals
    Are These Dog Leggings Supposed to Be Sexy?A brief investigation.
  8. saturday night live
    SNL’s Nike Created the World’s Most Useful LeggingsIntroducing the “Pro-Chiller Leggings.”
  9. obsessive tester
    I Found the Best High-Waisted Leggings for Every WorkoutAfter spending three months testing over 20 pairs.
  10. rebuttal
    Yoga Pants Are the Best PantsJeans are always wildly uncomfortable, but yoga pants make me feel like myself.
  11. obsessive tester
    The Best Black Leggings According to a Workout FanaticI’ve tested them while spinning, running, and rock climbing.
  12. This Principal Told Teens Not to Wear Leggings Unless They’re a ‘Size 0 or 2’“Unless you are a size 0 or 2 and you wear something like that, you look fat.”
  13. always shopping
    These Lululemon Leggings Will Make You Want to ScreamChristy Turlington’s trainer has a new collaboration with the brand.
  14. indignation
    Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Told She Can’t Wear Yoga PantsWomen in Barrington, Rhode Island, took to the streets to assert their right to wear leggings.
  15. always shopping
    Could These Be the Best Workout Leggings?Meet the high-waisted version of ADAY’s perpetually sold-out Throw and Roll leggings.
  16. video
    Fox News Asks Panel of Dads to Debate Whether or Not Women Should Wear LeggingsMakes sense, since their opinion is the most relevant here.
  17. lululemen
    Lululemon’s ‘Anti-Ball Crushing’ Method Reveals Importance of PunctuationTo inspire fear, just add a comma.
  18. faces on clothes
    You’ll Look Good in Channing Tatum LeggingsTight!
  19. don’t sweat it
    Who’s Ready for a Sour-Milk Clothing Line?Clothes you can eat with strawberries. 
  20. look of the day
    Rita Ora Wore a Pink Ski Mask Around LondonAnd green reptile-print gym clothes.
  21. crazy things
    The Most Expensive Leggings People (Allegedly) Work Out In$938 Alexander Wang jogging pants? Sure!
  22. undergarments
    The Underwear Hiding Under Fashion Week Outfits“We’re known as being invisible.”
  23. lilo lawsuits
    Lindsay Lohan Sued for $5 Million by DNAMIt’s about her leggings line.
  24. divas
    An Ode to Martha Stewart’s Sassy LeggingsIn sequins, leather, and suede.
  25. moral panic
    War on Leggings Waged at American Junior HighsReplacing “spaghetti straps” as the middle school moral panic.
  26. shopping
    A Dispatch From the Front Lines of Lululemon’s Warehouse SaleShopping warfare in the land of leggings and baby strollers.
  27. 24-hour wardrobe
    Try Rita Ora’s Edgy Mix: Fur Meets HologramsWhy not wear high-tops with fur?
  28. faces of things
    Cat Marnell Now Modeling Peacock-Print Leggings“I WANNA MOB WITH THE MOST OFFICIAL BITCHES.”
  29. adventures in sex
    Do These Leggings Cause Orgasms, or Is It Just Me?I thought women who claimed to have exercise orgasms were lying. Then I got a new pair of running tights and became one.
  30. look of the day
    Ke$ha, Queen of the Animal KingdomDo you like printed leggings? Or are they cheesy?
  31. look of the day
    Alicia Keys Has a Leg Up on YouDo you like to wear footless leggings with strappy sandals?
  32. just pants
    Your Legs Can Have Cages Around ThemDesigner James Lillis amped up regular black leggings by adding chains.
  33. trends
    When Trends Collide: JeggingsTopshop coins a new fashion term.
  34. trends
    Fall Trends: You’ll Still Be Wearing LeggingsIf there was any doubt we were in the midst of a full-on eighties moment, the longevity of leggings has cleared that right up.
  35. everyone’s a designer
    Celebs Insist on Wearing Their Own CrapFor LiLo or Lauren Conrad, it kinda works. But J.Lo, Katie Holmes, and Matthew McConaughey? Cringe.
  36. celebrity fashion lines
    Lindsay Wears Leggings When She’s Uncomfortable With Her BodyShe also wears a size 0 in her brand 6126.
  37. celebrity fashion lines
    Lindsay Lohan’s Leggings Line Defies the RecessionMuch of it costs $100 or more, but retailers report that it’s flying off the shelves.
  38. tragedies
    Lindsay Lohan Wasn’t Allowed to Attend Alexander Wang’s ShowHomegirl’s just too darn famous!
  39. celebrity fashion lines
    Lindsay Lohan Now Making Self-Tanner, Cheaper LeggingsIt’s all the work of her new brand-development firm, Stay Gold.
  40. run through
    Lindsay Lohan’s Leggings Are Already Sold Out!The owner of L.A. boutique Intuition explains why they’re so popular and why one pair comes with built-in knee pads.
  41. run through
    The Leggings LiLo Designed Are Now on Sale!The leopard ankle gloves cost $42, but the leggings with built-in leather knee pads cost $142.
  42. three is a trend
    The Latest Tight-Pants Extremism: Man Leggings!The men’s runways in Paris were awash in tight stuff, from John Galliano’s to Bernhard Wilhelm’s to Givenchy’s.
  43. run through
    Lindsay Lohan’s Leggings Line Sounds FancyLinsday Lohan’s new leggings line has been picked up by Fred Segal and is far more expensive than we’d imagined.
  44. loose threads
    Christian Dior Resort Images Are Up! Naomi Campbell to Walk for Lagerfeld?Naomi Campbell may walk in the Chanel resort show tomorrow in Miami, Tori Spelling is the new face of Skechers, and Lindsay Lohan’s leggings are padded.
  45. run through
    Lohan Solicits Volunteer Army of Leggings ModelsLindsay Lohan’s casting call for models for her new leggings line asked for multicultural girls with “off beauty” who don’t mind working for, um, free.
  46. run through
    Lindsay Lohan’s Got a Brand-new AdLiLo is the new face of the pop-up Visa Swap shop in London. Yes, it’s random — but it involves shopping and charity, so what’s not to like?
  47. run through
    Anna Wintour Is Sick of Skinny Models, TooIs the age of the pale, nondescript waif model almost over? According to Anna Wintour’s letter in the April “shape” issue of Vogue, it ought to be.
  48. beauty marks
    Kate Hudson Makes Hair Products; Is ‘Organic’ Carcinogenic?Kate Hudson does hair care, a new study reveals a carcinogenic ingredient in organic products, and more!
  49. Lindsay Lohan to Launch Legging LineLindsay Lohan may single-handedly be keeping the leggings trend alive and kicking. After being spotted night after night in the darn things, Lilo recently told Life & Style weekly she’s thinking of starting her own legging line.