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  1. cruelty-free cities
    A Major U.S. City Has Just Banned FurThe whole city is going cruelty-free.
  2. the resistance
    Get Ready For The Next Phase in Planned Parenthood’s Fight Against TrumpFighting against this administration is not enough.
  3. sexual harassment on capitol hill
    This Bill Would Make Congressmen Pay Their Own Sexual-Harassment SettlementsInstead of tax-payers.
  4. legislation
    Proposed Bill to End Tax Breaks for Companies With Sexual Harassment RecordsNew York State assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal has a plan.
  5. women abroad
    Nepal Criminalizes Custom of Banishing Women During Their PeriodsIn the past year, two teenage girls have died because of the custom.
  6. politics
    New York Assembly Votes to Outlaw Child MarriageA law allowing minors as young as 14 to get married will finally be changed.
  7. politics
    House Unanimously Passes Measure to Ban Nude-Photo Sharing in the MilitaryAfter a nude photo-sharing scandal rocked the Marine Corps.
  8. politics
    Trump’s New Budget Includes Paid Family Leave, But There’s a CatchThe paid-leave plan is a step forward, but it’s made moot by the rest of Trump’s budget.
  9. lgbtq rights
    This Texas Bill Could Keep Trans Kids Out of SportsThe bill punishes steroid use, but Democrats say its real target is transgender students.
  10. The Terrifying Anti-Abortion Bills Making Their Way Into State Legislatures▶️ The sheer number of them is scary enough.
  11. sexual assault
    This Law Would Create a Database of Sexual Assaults in Ride-Hailing ServicesAny report of sexual assault in one of New York’s 143,674 licensed vehicles would be made public.
  12. lgbt rights
    This Insane Bill Would Force Teachers to Out LGBT Students to Their ParentsIt entitles any Texas parent to information on their child’s “general physical, psychological or emotional well-being.”
  13. beauty
    This New Bill Could Keep Harsh Chemicals Out of Your MakeupIt would finally require the FDA to regulate what goes into makeup.
  14. women at work
    This Bill Would Stop ‘Rampant’ Sexual Abuse, Harassment of Women in STEM FieldsIt would require colleges and universities to report sexual harassment to the agencies that fund them.
  15. lgbt rights
    Most Americans Are in Favor of Laws Protecting LGBT PeopleYes, even Republicans.
  16. New York Is Trying to Get Girls Into Hunting by Letting Them Wear PinkBecause bitches love pink.
  17. vawaaaah
    Violence Against Women Act Passed With All Parts IntactBipartisan no-brainer turned “white flag” from GOP.