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  1. let’s makeup
    I Can’t Stop Watching KKW Beauty Leg-Makeup TutorialsStarring Kim Kardashian West covering up her psoriasis.
  2. legwork
    The Photographer Who Captures New York From the Waist Down“As the project went on, the legs I thought made the most beautiful pictures were fuller-figured, curvy, more sculptural. To me, that is reassuring.”
  3. workout gifs
    3 Easy Moves for Defined CalvesGive your lower legs a workout.
  4. workout gifs
    5 Easy, Weightless Leg Moves to Do at HomeSalute your shorts. 
  5. sky’s out thighs out
    The Men of the World Cup Wear Shorty-ShortsShow me some leg, Gam-pa.
  6. legs for days
    How to Get Flawless, Smooth Legs This SummerEight celebrity makeup artists on how they get rid of leg blemishes. 
  7. imaginary flaws
    Kate Moss Claims to Be BowleggedOffers up style advice for the similarly afflicted.
  8. best bets
    Best Bet: Zara Black Quilted ShortsNo tan or gym necessary.
  9. human billboards
    Girls in Japan Paid to Stick Ads on Their ThighsBy a creepy-sounding PR agency.