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  1. beywatch
    Beyoncé Day Is Finally HereAfter her new album leaked, the singer thanked fans for waiting for the official drop.
  2. Why Beyoncé’s Lemonade Vinyl Sounds Like Canadian PunkThere was a slight mixup at the factory.
  3. academics first
    We Will Soon See Some ‘Formation Scholars’ in College Thanks to BeyoncéShe wants to reward women who are “bold, creative, conscious and confident.”
  4. q&a
    Morgan Parker on Why Beyoncé Is a Metaphor for Every Black WomanIn her new book, the poet uses Beyoncé as a device to explore the lives of black women.
  5. costumes
    This 5-Year-Old’s Beyoncé Halloween Costumes Are Extremely GoodShe picked looks from “Formation” and “Hold Up.”
  6. back to school
    Get One Step Closer to a Degree in Beyoncé Studies With This Lemonade ClassGet us a new student loan ASAP.
  7. crimes against humanity
    Beyoncé Is Sitting in the Second Row at the Emmys, Call the PoliceA true crime against humanity.
  8. freakum dresses
    See All the Looks From Beyoncé’s Lemonade MegamedleyA major performance deserves a major wardrobe.
  9. i ain’t sorry
    Even Serena Williams Got Sore From Dancing to Too Much LemonadeSame.
  10. jay z speaks
    Jay Z Finally Commented on LemonadeIn a Fat Joe and Remy Ma remix.
  11. slayday
    Minnesota’s Governor Declared Today Beyoncé Day; Too Bad It’s Almost OverHappy BeyDay.
  12. mansplaining
    Beyoncé Finally Made an Anthem Men Can Appreciate, and I Appreciate ThatA (straight) guy explains his Lemonade obsession.
  13. beyonce
    Download the #LemonadeSyllabus NowYou need this in your life.
  14. unwifeable
    How Lemonade Helped Me Talk to My Husband About CheatingThe catharsis of watching a flawless woman break down.
  15. year of beyonce
    The Story Behind Beyoncé’s Lemonade BraidsHer hairstylist explains.
  16. The Best Fashion Looks From Beyoncé’s LemonadeMaking couture from lemons.
  17. year of beyonce
    All the Mesmerizing, Colorful Beauty in LemonadeRanked.
  18. The Best GIFs From LemonadeAll the reaction GIFs you could ever need.